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Remove the Background From Images With One Simple App

I was doing some work today in Canva, doing a graphic. I wanted to remove the background, and I thought to myself, this would be a good skill for everyone to learn how to do, so I thought I would share it.

Remove the Background From Images With One Simple App

Remove the Background From Images With One Simple App

You’ll see here in Canva that there is a human image in here, but it would really look kind of goofy if it was a square one. I wanted to remove the background. Let me show you what I’ve done.

I’m going to give you an example with a different client. I am going to use this image of Mike with CEO Warrior, who is rocking it out with his biz – coaching service business owners.

I’m just going to put it on a word document. Then, you’re going to go to format, and then you’re going to go to remove background.

There are other tools you can use, like Adobe InDesign or other design programs, but not everybody has access to those or wants to buy them, or knows how to use them or feels comfortable around them.

You’ll see here that it makes the image purple, but you want it to show all the relevant pieces of the photo that you want. All you do is drag it down. I don’t think Mike would be cool with the purple. It’s so not his branding. I love the picture of him with that big warrior mask. He’s like badass. He is launching up a storm lately with some new programs.

You got the area. Keep the changes. Then, you just right click and save as a picture. You can drag that into Canva (or wherever you want the image) and use it however you like. You’ve got the nice cut-out and it looks so much better and so much crisper. It’s a great skill to have.

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