How To Use To Automate Your Podcast Systems And Make A Greater Impact On Your Audience

Nov 24, 2021

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How To Use To Automate Your Podcast Systems


Hani Mourra talks about the power of automation when it comes to podcasting and how you can use to leverage your content more effectively without having to spend hours of your time editing, downloading and reloading, or scheduling on social media. Discover the power of automation and how splintering podcast content can increase your reach, grow your brand awareness, and generate more leads for your business.

What kinds of tools does Repurpose have to help podcasters increase their visibility?

Repurpose is an automation platform that makes converting your podcast into video clips or pushing it onto other social media sites super simple. It makes it possible to leverage one piece of content into an endless amount of splinter content in a number of different formats, all automatically without you having to do anything once you set them up.

Repurpose is also being updated constantly. New features and integrations are being added all the time, all focused on making a content creator’s life easier.

There is so much that goes into creating and publishing a podcast on the backend after the recording is finished. Repurpose makes that process simple.

If you don’t have a documented process for leveraging the content and producing all the various pieces, it’s going to be much harder to promote and market your podcast. Luckily, Repurpose is designed for everyone to be able to use their tools. You don’t need to be an expert audio editor or coder to be able to create the workflows that drive your processes.

What kind of mistakes do you see people make in producing and promoting their content?

The biggest mistake that people make is in sharing links to their content on social media. The dominant social media platforms reduce the reach of posts with links in them, making them a bit of a waste of time. That’s why posting clips to those platforms is so important. It gives your followers a chance to hear your message and see your brand, and by being present on their feed, they will naturally seek out more from you.

Don’t get hung up on driving traffic to your site. Promoting a podcast is a long game and posting on social media should be an exercise in branding. Put the links to your show in your profile and keep your content native to the platform.

How do captions work with Repurpose?

Captions are important for social media platforms because they default to muting a video until it’s clicked on. Captions give viewers a chance to find out what your content is about and the headline can hook them in, getting them to click through. The feed changes so quickly that you need to make your content easy to consume and stop them from scrolling.

Captions are built into the Repurpose platform and it’s simple to burn them directly into your video content.

What is Simple Podcast Press?

Simple Podcast Press is a tool that makes your podcast easily consumable on your WordPress site. It’s designed to make the podcast creation process a little bit easier by automatically pulling content from your podcast host.

It also has the ability to give listeners a chance to opt in and turn them into subscribers, and your website is where you want that action to happen. Social is about engagement and branding, and listeners will naturally come to your website to find out more and go deeper when they are ready.

Tracking is important to understand what marketing is working. Using unique links on certain platforms allows you to see where your traffic is coming from. If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from, you won’t have any idea what’s working.

If you had to give one tip to new podcasters, what would it be?

Narrow down your audience and figure out what you want to create for them. Don’t create content for everyone.

Produce good content and deliver what people want to hear.

Remember, once the episode is recorded the work is just beginning. You need to market and post on social media. When you’re consistent with the process, you’ll see more reach and engagement on your content. And of course makes it easier! 

What’s your favorite social media platform?

Hani spends most of his time on Facebook, but Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are coming up as good places to build on.

You never know what content is going to work where. You need to be consistent with posting to the various platforms before you start to see results. 

Don’t get caught up with the lack of results in the beginning. Social media algorithms don’t show everything to your followers, so a lack of engagement is not really a reflection on you. It takes time to train the algorithm to connect with people. Producing consistently creates a library of content for people to check out and builds your authority one piece at a time.

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