How To Become a Savvy Podcast Guest with Nancy Juetten

Mar 29, 2022

Become a Savvy Podcast Guest

Nancy Juetten is a media visibility expert, author of Bye Bye Boring Bio, and host of the Podcast Visibility Lab. She joins the show to discuss how to be a savvy podcast guest, be media-ready and make sure that you provide the best experience as a podcast guest.

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Nancy’s Favorite Thing About Podcasting

Nancy’s favorite thing about podcast guesting is how empowering it is to be able to speak to people around the country around the world without leaving your house.

Especially now, with the pandemic, many speakers, experts, trainers had their calendars wiped clean when the ball dropped on this horrible virus. Podcast guesting can help make up for the lack of visibility and exposure caused by the pandemic.

Exceeding the Host’s and the Audience’s Expectations

An additional thing Nancy enjoys as a podcast guest, is the fact that you get to enjoy a juicy conversation with someone who’s interested in. 

One thing you should focus on doing is deliver value, and try to do so in a way that exceeds the host’s interests – when done the right way, you end up exceeding the audience’s interest as well.

Every Episode is an Evergreen Marketing Machine

Most of the episodes you’re going to be featured on as a podcast guest are going to be evergreen, which means that their content is going to be valuable and relevant, today, tomorrow, and in the weeks, months, and years to come.

This means that you’re going to be able to leverage an evergreen marketing machine that will keep growing as the number of interviews you do as a guest increases.

How to be Podcast Guest-Ready

There are a few things you should consider and do to make sure that you’re as ready as you could be as a podcast guest:

  • make sure to have a working quality microphone
  • ensure to have a headset (this will decrease the chances of echos or anything else coming from your end while you’re talking)
  • if there’s video, make sure that you’re properly lit, and that your background is a good reflection of your brand and reputation (no dirty laundry or anything too distracting or that you wouldn’t want to be seen on camera)
  • embrace a mindset shift: believe and behave as if the most important influencer in your space is inviting you on their show

Overcoming Your Podcast Guesting Imposter’s Syndrome

There’s an affirmation Nancy suggests repeating to yourself:

‘My work is worthy of a much wider audience, and my business is worthy of sales beyond expectations.’

Say it once, say it twice, keep repeating it and you’ll see your podcast guesting imposter’s syndrome gradually disappear.

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Mistakes to Avoid Making as a Podcast Guest

When it comes to podcast guesting, it’s important to be mindful of a couple of mistakes that can derail your guesting endeavors.

First of all, you need to make sure that the host is interested in what you’d like to discuss on the show. Some guests are very self-interested and only think about leveraging the show for their own agenda – like selling their book, product or similar.

In case that’s you, don’t. Stop. Right. Now.

Focus on having a conversation instead.

If you do that, and have a sizzling Call-to-Aaction for listeners, your guest interviews are going to generate downloads, signups, calls, or any other thing you’d like the audience to do after they’re finished listening to the episode.

Remember, though: listeners are probably going to be doing something else while listening to you, like jogging, picking up their kids from school, walking the dog, etc.), so you need to make sure that if your next step for the audience is a link, it’s easy to spell and easy for them to remember.

And whatever you do, never say – or think – something like ‘I’ve never watched your show but I should be on it’ to a host, as Nancy said a Seattle ABC anchor shared as the most annoying thing a guest expert could say.

How to Stand Out as a Podcast Guest (Right From the Start)

Wondering how to stand out as a podcast guest?

Start with finding a show, look at the show notes and pick an episode that personally interests you, and tune in.

While you’re listening, take notes about what you have learned.

You can then be a giver by, for example, writing a nice review for the podcast, taking a picture of it and sharing it with the host on social media without asking for anything in return. They will take notice, and they’re likely going to reach out to you with a podcast interview invitation eventually.

Simple Podcast Press

How to Be Media-Ready

One day, Nancy was enjoying some much-deserved time off in sunny San Diego… before she knew it, her phone rang: it was a nationally-syndicated radio show with an innovation for her.

A guest expert who had been booked became unavailable due to an illness, and the interview was supposed to take place the following day.

Nancy knocked it out of the park by providing the radio host with everything needed for the interview preparation.

Here’s what to think about and keep in handy to make sure that you’re media-ready, even if you happen to be contacted for a potential interview last minute:

  • create a Media Sheet / Podcast Guest One-Sheet: this is a PDF file that includes your name, a headshot, a headline with how you’d like to be introduced, a bio that’s 50 words or less and written in the third person, the hot topics you’d like to discuss, and your social media links
    • when it comes to your “hot topics”, try to be specific. As Nancy said, ‘If you’re chasing two rabbits, it’s hard to get home with one.’ And don’t forget, relentless focus can be profitability-enhancing

    • don’t reach out to hosts with an over-templated approach. If you’re the one pitching, make sure to be specific, call the host by their name and demonstrate that you have indeed listened to the show

    • don’t hijack a conversation, let hosts do what they’re supposed to do and are good at, and never try to steer the conversation toward your own agenda (e.g. to sell your latest book). If you go about it the right way, you’re going to be presented with marketing opportunities by the hosts

  • be ready to say no. Your time is precious and you want to make sure that you share your messaging and advice with the right people. Audience-to-message match matters. Therefore, as Nancy put it, ‘If it isn’t a fit, don’t commit.’

  • be on time or slightly early so that the host doesn’t have to wait on you

Guesting is a process, it’s a skill you need to work on and that you’re going to slowly master, just like Nancy did.

Everyone starts from somewhere, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the first podcasts you have been thinking about.

Places like PodMatch (you can listen to the interview with its founder Alex Sanfilippo here on the show), and the Podcast Guest Collaboration Facebook group can help you get podcast guesting opportunities relatively easily.

About Nancy

Since 2009, Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook Author and Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten has upgraded bios for speakers, experts, and authors who once struggled to broadcast their brilliance on paper or online.

With her workbook, Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp and Get Known Get Paid Private Mentoring Programs, she created a multiple six-figure business that serves clients around the world, while earning loyal fans and followers who value her “all of the help and none of the hype” advice. She says a brilliant bio opens the door to something more … instead of a snore. Make yours memorable now.

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Nancy’s podcast guesting assessment

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