Social Champ – Scheduling Your Social Media With Ease

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Scheduling Your Social Media With Ease

Scheduling Your Social Media With Ease via Social Champ

Today I just interviewed Sameer Ahmed Khan, he’s the owner of Social Champ, and so I thought I’d do a video on that.  Basically it’s an alternative to Hootsuite, so for scheduling your social media posts to your different platforms, it also has a great feature where you get to repeat your Twitter post and it has so much more.  

Today I thought I’d give you a quick How To so you can check out what it’s about and see how easy it is to use.  I’m going to share my screen, I love doing these kinds of videos.  There we go. All right, diving in.  Here we are in Social Champ.  I’m going to show you a few things here. I am going to do a post here.

You could just obviously type in your post, you un-click the one, the platforms that you do not want, and you’ll see here for Twitter it’ll tell you how many characters you have left.  

You can add a photo should you wish, which of course is recommended, then you pick the day and time that you want it to go.  Now for Twitter you can actually schedule it more than once, which I love and highly recommend.  

I’ll probably do a video someday just on repeating your Twitter posts. I usually go five, four, within an eight hour stretch, there.  It’s basically doing four posts within a twenty-four hour period.  I know Sameer mentioned doing three posts in eight hours, you can just adjust it accordingly and check out the different times, and then you just add to the queue, and then it’s all scheduled or you can share now, either which way.  

It does have a section where you can create like a table, so have everything in an Excel spreadsheet and then just upload it and it’ll have all the different platforms.

Say you want all your LinkedIn at 9am, so you want all your Facebook at a specific day and time, you can just preload them all in, super easy.  You can see here what is scheduled and in the queue to go. Obviously you can edit, delete and so forth.

All the social media platforms are on the left, you can of course add more.  There’s an analytics section, which is super easy to check out, so you can see when, let’s say you did a repeat of a Twitter post, and it went out at three different times in the day, you can see which times resonates with your audience the most and take advantage of that.

Now my favorite part here actually, or second favorite part, is the suggestions.  It already has some, you know, preloaded in here, like Mashable and so forth, I put in the Social Media Examiner, Forbes, because they’ve got really good articles, and I actually put in my own blog.   If you do want to add in your own blog or somewhere, you just put in your website and then your RSS feed link.

You’ll see here mine, oh, it didn’t show the RS feed, but anyways, so let’s say I want to share one of my old posts. I just go make a post, it automatically puts up the title, the Bitly link, it does shrink links automatically to Bitly and actually tracks them for you.

Bonus, right? You can add an image from a link on your webpage or you can add a photo, and then of course you just pick what platforms you want it to go to, and then you schedule to the queue or share now. As you know it’s really important to, and beneficial, to share articles from other industry leaders, just share articles in general, you know, what is of interest to you and then go ahead and share.

Let’s say I know my audience would love to know how to measure your LinkedIn activities, you know, I would probably put in some more statement here and then post away.

Yeah, so that’s just a little bit about Social Champ, you know, it does have some settings on whether you want it to use Bitly as URL shortening link, enabling your campaign tracking, which is of course you want to. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks so far, so I do love it, I can’t wait to dive into the analytics.

I’m going to give it a few more weeks, and, you know, you can see what resonates with people, see what the best times to post are, and honestly for me it’s just super easy to use and the fact that it repeats Twitter posts, where you don’t have to do it manually, is like an absolute godsend. There is, you can see it right over here. Yeah, so I am super excited to share that.

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