Search Engine Optimization Strategies with Lindsey Anderson

Feb 24, 2016


Search Engine Optimization Strategies Lindsey Anderson

Search Engine Optimization Strategies with Lindsey Anderson

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Search Engine Optimization Strategies


I sit down with Lindsey Anderson, CEO and Founder of,, and Lindsey is an expert of everything from web design, search engine optimization strategies, landing pages, and more.

Lindsey gives our listeners plenty of tips and tricks on optimizing their websites or businesses to gain more traffic and leads. She goes through and translates the hard to understand world of search engine optimization strategies for our listeners and shares with us the things every entrepreneur must do in order to successfully acquire and convert leads.


  • What are search engine optimization strategies?
  • What is organic SEO?
  • Importance of writing good content
  • Why is it necessary to link in social media?


Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Simply put, how to get your website to pop up first, when certain keywords are typed into a search engine (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo).

3 Types of Search Engine Optimization Strategies:

  1. Google Local Results: results that appear based on specific terms being searched with an area or location attached to the name or title.
  1. Writing content: Entrepreneurs need to write Content. Google will only rank your website if there is content available to be viewed. “Pepper your keywords throughout your content where applicable.” (This will generate Organic SEO)
  1. Social Media/Linking: Make it extremely clear who you are and make sure to link back to blogs through social media posts.

Organic SEO: processes used to obtain a place within a search engine naturally

Pay-per-Click: (More Search Engine Marketing (SEM) than SEO) When you afford a certain price toward each click. The more money you’re willing to “fund” your potential clicks, the higher your rank. This can get very expensive.

**The majority of searchers ignore the Ads at the top or side of the page (pay-per-click ads) and end up looking a little further down on the page.

  • Google takes into consideration 200+ factors on deciding which websites appear first when certain keywords are entered or searched.
  • Since Google is constantly updating their algorithm and is an ever moving target, there Isn’t a certain list of keywords out there.
  • Search engine optimization strategies are all about business owners trying different things and testing different ideas and approaches.
  • Figure out what Google wants, deliver in a correct way so you can appear first for specific keywords.
  • Know what keywords you’re going after
  • Use the Google Keyword Tool to evaluate how many people searched for certain keywords in a month (will also give you other variations of how the search terms were searched)
  • Go to Google and start typing, when the predicted search pops up, you know the term has been searched before.


  • Yoast SEO Plugin (WordPress Plugin)
  • JetPack Plugin (WordPress Plugin)
  • Google Analytics (free service offered by Google)