Secrets To Batch Record Your Podcasts

Mar 15, 2023

Batch Record

Hosting a podcast is time-consuming and can feel overwhelming between scheduling, recording, planning, producing, and publishing. So when I heard that serial podcaster Theadora Vosse batch recorded a whole series and a season – I had to have her on the show to share her batch record secrets so you can meet your goals, become more productive, lean into creativity all while managing your energy and motivation. Let’s take a listen.

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How Theadora Got Into Podcasting and Launched Several Shows

  • Theadora’s podcasting journey started three years ago as a “pandemic passion project”.
  • She has a background in journalism and radio had always been on her mind.
  • She met her podcast producer through a friend, while she was training one of her trainees.
  • Theadora has been hosting a series of podcasts. The Miseducation of Masculinity was the first one she launched. After she stopped producing that show, she launched Single or Divorced.
  • Niching down with the scope of her podcasts is something that has been really helpful for Theadora.
  • Her new show, BreakUp With, is tied into what she now specializes in: breakup coaching.
  • Additionally, after pitching herself, she was able to host some corporate podcasts for large tech companies.
  • Theadora’s approach derives from her seeing her creative endeavors as a network or a collection of things.


Recording an Entire Podcast Season in Advance

  • Theadora believes that knowing yourself is key. She, for example, knew that, without a clear process in place, she wouldn’t have gotten much done. That’s why she began by brainstorming a bunch of episode topic ideas.
  • Initially, she felt really uncomfortable doing solo episodes by knew that by doing more of them her confidence would grow and the quality of her output would improve.

“Having a system and a team in place that would help with things like editing and distributing my podcasts, I’ve been able to focus on what I’m best at and on refining my speaking skills.”

  • Theadora has recorded the entire first season of her upcoming show!
  • is one of the most valuable resources she has learned about during her podcasting journey, because it simplifies finding and connecting with relevant people within the podcasting space.
  • Theadora has been relying on social media too, especially for finding potential guests and ideas, and to look for inspiration.
  • As Theadora puts it, “Doing things in advance has allowed me to have more freedom with people.”
  • Having episodes recorded in advance also becomes useful when unexpected things like the 2021 Texas power crisis, which was caused by ice and severe weather conditions, happen.
  • Theadora picked a launch date for the new show and then she worked her way backwards – plus, to have more accountability, she let people know that the podcast would be launching on that day.
  • Sometimes, podcasters are afraid of covering the same topic over and over again. For Theadora, that hasn’t been an issue. By focusing on stories, she’s able to cover the same subject but from different angles.
  • Having a call with potential guests before the interview is something that has helped Theadora ensure that she’s featuring the right people on the show. 
  • She tries to make the creative process a little bit more collaborative, which helps having guests buy into the podcast idea more.
  • Sometimes, those 30-minute connection calls are so good that they end up being actual podcast episodes.
  • Theadora did all of the connection calls last December, while she recorded the episodes in January.

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How to Keep Your Motivation Up

  • Theadora typically doesn’t record more than 1-2 episodes a day. 
  • One thing she has noticed is that, when you batch-record, you’re able to manage your energy level a little bit more.
  • Finding a way to cope and to motivate yourself is key – Theadora does so by listening to music or by closing her eyes for a moment to decompress.


Theadora’s Approach Toward Podcast Promotion

  • This is a part of the process she’s still refining. However, she can count on a team to help with post-production and with the creation of promotional content she can use (all done with the supervision of a strategic growth partner), such as clips, for example.
  • She has recently started using Capsho and that has helped her create promotional materials and posts for 4 episodes in about an hour.
  • Theadora’s approach to promotion has two layers: immediate promotion (with content for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube) and dripped out promotion (with blog posts, LinkedIn articles, etc.).


The Podcast Launch Party

  • The idea of a podcast launch party for BreakUp With is something that came to Theadora’s mind from her corporate podcasting endeavors.
  • Her launch party is made of networking, watching the show trailer, playing trivia and doing some other fun activities online.
  • Theadora feels that such an event, where guests and people get to connect with one another, increases the chances of a guest listening to other guests’ episodes.


Coach & podcast host – serial podcaster.  Theadora your breakup bestie.


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