Where Art Thou Customers? Tips On Seeking Your Ideal Customer

Nov 13, 2014

searching out customers

Tips On Seeking Your Ideal Customer

It’s great to be on social media and an added bonus when customers find YOU and come knocking on your door – but how do you actively seek your ideal customer? To start – you need to have a clear understanding of WHO your customer is. Really get to know and understand your target market and what makes them tick. Here are some things to consider so you can find THEM and get a foot in the door.Tweet: To find more customers you need to fully understand your ideal #customer, who they are and what makes them tick! @ssonlinesupport

Think of the age and sex of your ideal customer. Are they married, do they have kids, what is their lifestyle and financial situation? Gear your posts to them, on what appeals to their particular sex, age, what they want, what stage of life they are in, what their needs are, and what their problems are so you can solve them!

Think of their interests. Ask yourself, what kinds of things do they enjoy? What websites do they search, what topics do they research, what types of activities do they enjoy and what topics do they read about. If you are a Podiatrist for instance, and women aged 20-50 are a target market – look for women’s networking groups, shoe companies, mom blogs, parenting sites. Find and follow those sites, engage and gear posts to those women and what they are interested in reading about to hook them into your social media circle.

Think of related organizations. What organizations, groups or communities does your ideal customer get involved in. If you connect with those groups and communities – you’ll reach a broader group of your target market who are involved.

Find what they are searching for. Do a search with various hashtags on Twitter. For instance, if you are a women’s life and business coach, search for hashtags like confidence, self-improvement, coaching – try a whole bunch. Check out the people and groups that are involved in those discussions, are ‘favoriting’ those various tweets, retweeting etc. Start following them and also take note of what kinds of posts there are attracting their interest and follow suit. Use the hashtags that those groups or people are gravitating towards. Tweet: Do some 'recon' and learn what your ideal customer is searching on #Twitter to help target them. http://ctt.ec/ew541+

Spy and follow: Again, look to see what sites, Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts that your ideal customer is following – various magazines, various groups, chamber of commerce, community organizations, companies and so forth. Now look to see who is following THEIR social media platforms. What a huge pool of potential customers, right? Go ahead and follow those people that you think are in your target market group. *Tip –Those that don’t end up following you back – make sure to unfollow them down the road. You don’t want to have 1000 folks you are following and only 300 that are following you. Did you know Twitter has a cap on how many people you can follow? 2000. At that point, you have to have 2000 people following YOU to move forward.Tweet: Did you know #Twitter has a cap on how many people you can #follow? 2000 Then you need 2000 people following YOU to move forward.

The main point here is always to think about who you want as an ideal customer, and what their ‘profile is’ when targeting, marketing, and posting content. You can’t afford to ‘wait’ until they find you. Be proactive and seek them out.