SEO Your Content Easily With This Tool!

Nov 9, 2018

SEO your content in less than 5 minutes

So of course I’m in the wonderful world of content marketing and part of that is SEO-ing that content that you have, so making sure that it’s optimized and ranking, so with blogs or your video posts, your podcast posts on your webpage, and I know it can be super overwhelming and even like the Google keyword planning tool, it can be a little overwhelming. So if you keep watching this video, you will find a new tool that I have that you can use to SEO your content.

seo your contentSo I’m Captain, Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Business Growth and we help people attracted acquire customers faster through powerful content marketing. And again, I’m going to touch base with you on a new tool thanks to Neil Patel, he’s awesome and he has pushed out a new tool that he promotes called Ubersuggest. And as I do, I’m going to share my screen and just show you what it’s about.

So let me share. Now it’s working. So once I get into his APP, and of course if you just searched Neil Patel and UberSuggest you will find it, of course. But it is super easy. So I just put in content creation because you know, I love that stuff. And you’ll see here it’s just laid out super clean. So the search volume is about 880, it says it does about, you know, thousand searches per month in and around that which isn’t so bad.

I’m so that makes though that that keyword is easy to rank for. So it says there’s a 71 percent chance that you’ll be able to rank for it if you really focus on your content and use that in your seo strategy. So that’s not too bad. So you’ll see here it tells you, what the difficulty scale is, for your, you know, regular content, of course this is paid so it’s a slightly bit more different and it kind of tells you what the cost per click is.

Now if you scroll down, they’ll give you other keyword ideas and you’ll see here like content creation jobs, you know what, only 110 people are searching that per month. So therefore it’s not really something that you’re going to want to go after.

It’s hard finding that balance, right, of something that a ton of people are searching for so that they find you, but also it being easier for you to rank for that. So if you search, if I searched like social media for instance, of course that is a wide, that’s not very specific, 18,000 people, but the, you know what, I kinda wonder how specific that is.

But it would not be easy to rank for the word social media because there would be so much competition (hey Alicia). So yeah. So basically you just let say if I do briefings again, it shows me how many people are searching for that term.

The more specific you are, the better. Apparently it takes a long time to kick in. I haven’t checked out all the other features yet – only this main part. So sorry that it’s taking so long. There we go so not many people are searching that, but I bet you they will be in the next six months because it’s becoming really popular.

So if the search volume is low to medium, then you definitely want to try to rank for it. If the search volume is high, then it just may be harder for you to rank because you’ll probably be at the bottom of the barrel. It’ll be really hard for you to get up to, you know, ranking fifth in that. But anyways, I could go on and on and on, but I just wanted to quickly show you this tool and how easy it is to use and how beautifully it’s laid out.

And I love the colors. It even that, that peachy color kind of matches my branding a little bit.

So I love an extra bit. So of course I hope that tip helps you SEO your content, helping with your rankings for your social media content. If you want us to SEO your content for you so that you don’t have to deal with it on your own, then go to

We will help you with every facet of content marketing. And if you go to there is a social media roadmap right on the homepage so you can get more consistent with your content and get more online exposure. So have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.