Use Show Notes For Your Podcast Episodes To Generate Site Traffic & Leads 

Why Have Show Notes In The First Place – Do I REALLY Need Them? 

What is the purpose of show notes anyway – is there really any benefit from having them?

Absolutely! Whether you are hosting a podcast or are a guest on one, show notes will help set you apart. 

By using show notes you are able to publish your podcast on your website – a KEY step in my Podcast Leverage System. I created a longer article about show notes you can read here, but I share a synopsis of some benefits below.

Benefits Of Creating Show Notes

  • Encourages listener engagement, especially with time stamps, as they are more likely to engage when they know what the episode is about.
  • Visual appeal and a better user experience who can skim notes, glean information and see what the episode is about.
  • They allow you to create website posts to generate conversion opportunities through call to actions
  • Showcase your authority on a topic in a bigger way and be seen as the go-to expert.
  • Repurpose content for social media, emails, LinkedIn articles and more
  • Create posts that you can optimize for SEO and rank for keywords and generate more traffic to your site.
  • Use them for YouTube Descriptions (a step in optimizing the video too)
  • Use them as a framework to create/record new videos (either teasing the episode or sharing tips)

Elements Of Optimized Show Notes


You need a keyword phrase in the title, url, meta data and through out the copy to optimize for Search Engine Optimization. Don’t worry – your title on directories and images can be ‘sexier’. 

Episode Introduction

This is a quick summary, maybe 3-6 sentences long that gives an overview of what you can get out of the episode, or what key topics are covered. You can also use this summary for social posts and even the episode description in your podcast host! 

Bullet Formation

You can share what the listener will gain from listening to the show. It’ll be set up with headlines (topics) and bullets underneath that touch upon the main points covered. 

Blog Style

This format shares the main points or topics in a headline and paragraph format. Users can skim and takeaway a good tip or ‘aha’ moment or be teased into listening to the whole episode. 

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You can even share some key quotes shared in the episode, whether it’s you or the guest. They are an easy way to share a quick ‘nugget’ of info. Plus it’s so easy to use those for social media posts. 


Time Stamps

Time stamps are so amazing! It truly makes a great user experience and boost engagement. It’ll show the time stamp of a specific part in the episode about a specific tip. If that helps the user, they click on it and voila – they hear that exact spot in the interview – it skips right to it.  

Guest Information

If the topic is helpful, the reader/listener is going to want to know how to reach the guest. Share their short bio, as it gives a brief rundown as to what the person’s expertise is, and the website and social links. Make it easy for the user to find the person. Plus the guest will appreciate back links to their sites AND Google loves when you use outside links to reputable sources. 

Resources Mentioned In Episode

Don’t make the user/ listener have to write things down, try to remember – it’s painful! If there are tools, websites, books or anything else mentioned in the episode put the links on the show notes! 


If you have sponsors on your show, this is a great space to showcase them! The sponsors will appreciate it and gives them more value. 


Call To Actions

YES! Don’t forget to add call to actions on your show page. You can do some snazzy graphic and link to your free guide, lead magnet, membership program or even affiliate product. Convert, convert, convert! 

WAIT! We Also Optimize YouTube Videos! 

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, and now that YouTube features podcasts, it’ll only grow as one of the bigger podcast platforms. 

Whether you are uploading an audio version (with static image) or uploading your video recording of the episode (I secretly hope it’s the latter!), you are definitely going to want it to be optimized. 

What Does YouTube Optimized Mean?

  • We search keywords specific to YouTube to help you rank for what your audience is searching for.
  • We give title choices to optimize for the keyword (it's okay if your YouTube title is slightly different than the actual podcast.
  • We find tags that relate to the keyword to further optimize.
  • We optimize and write the description to include the keyword and entice the YouTube surfer to watch.
  • Provide timestamps to further engage the viewer and help them fast forward to the content that appeals to them.

Order Show Notes For Episodes You Guest on Or Host

Whether you host a show or guest on some, you’ll want to publish your episode on your site with show notes. Order them individually, or ask us about our packages for a volume discount. All we need is the mp3 or audio mp4 file (Dropbox, Google Drive or Zoom Cloud Link) and we’ll do the rest and send you back your show notes in 3-4 business days.

What’s Included?

  • Keyword options with ranking and difficulty statistics
  • 3-4 keyword rich title options to choose from
  • Episode introduction (or summary) paragraph (useful for your Libsyn or other hosting platform)
  • Resources mentioned in the episodes with links


1 – Pay For Your Order

Place your order below. You’ll be given the option to choose 0-30 minutes or a 31-60 minute episode PLUS you’ll be offered an upgrade to include YouTube Show Notes & Optimization.

2 – Choose Your Elements

You’ll be given a form to share your episode audio file and options. Options include:

  • Style – Blog Style or Bullet Style
  • Add quotes (1-2)
  • Add time stamps
  • Other notes


3 – Receive Your Show Notes

In 3-4 business days you’ll receive your professisonal podcast show notes with a Google Document Link, with the option of 1 round of edits. 

If you require longer show notes or a bulk or custom order please email

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