Shut up and drive…to Take The Road to Success!

Oct 20, 2014


the road to successI know, I’m quoting Rihanna lol, but here is why I’m using her phrase. I’ve noticed so many business owners lately (in various fields) want so badly to have it all: to have more time with their family, to grow their business, to make more money to achieve a certain lifestyle, and have success. Now here comes the ‘BUT’… they are too busy moaning, running in circles, holding back out of fear etc that they get nowhere fast.  Here are some tips (with a dash of a ‘kick in the pants’) to get your motor running.

Brainstorming: Whether it’s yourself, or with peers, brainstorm areas of your business that can be improved upon and don’t forget the ‘how to’ part. Think of ways to upsell, create add-on services, increase customer service, market your business, cut costs – anything to get you from A-B. It’s amazing what a brainstorm session can bring to the table when you open your mind!

Get Off Your Keister: Stop thinking about all the problems and start DOING. Even if the given action doesn’t work right away – it will eventually– at worst, it’ll give you new ideas. At least you are making steps at moving forward. The bonus? Taking action feels good and inspires you to do more of it and best yet – taking action breeds results.

Seek Help: There are tons of other entrepreneurs out there that are either dealing with the same issues, or have ‘been there, done that’ and learned from it. Find a successful business to model yourself after. Find a business coach – they will steer you in the right direction. It is an investment that will truly get you out of overwhelm and straight to the road to success.

Stop Whining and Find Solutions: Honestly – no one likes a whiner. Don’t get stuck in the ‘poor me’ syndrome or get hung up on excuses. Instead FIND SOLUTIONS. Every problem or issues has a solution – it’s just a matter of finding it. P.S. do the brainstorming mentioned above to help find solutions

Be Committed: Ask yourself – how much do you REALLY want it? Be 100% committed. Both feet in the water – heck – dive in! You need to be fully invested, not only your mindset, but how much time and effort you REALLY put into it. Half-assed effort gets you half-assed results. Hope you aren’t offended – but it’s the truth.

Believe In Yourself: Changing your mindset can change everything! Know that you rock, that you are the expert in your field. Know your worth, your talents. Your knowledge and experience have value – and don’t be afraid to toot your own horn! You CAN do it. What you want for yourself, your business CAN happen.

 So get out your riding gloves, get in the car and shut up and drive to travel that road to success and good luck to you all!

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