Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media can feel overwhelming, with so many platforms, wondering what to post, what works, what doesn’t, how to get engagement and well, just having the time to create it all! This is where we shine with our social media marketing services. 

Content Creation: We create custom content to ensure it showcases your expertise, shares information that your audience wants and needs, is shareable and engaging, shares your content and pushes traffic to your website and builds relationships. 

Graphics: We create graphics to showcase your posts. We want to hook your audience to click on the link, we want them to interact, get engaged and also share some great quotes, tips and inspiration. 

Content Strategy: Based on what the content is that you share, your sales ladder, your audience and your goals, we create a custom strategy for you that ensures you are consistent with your social media, on brand and getting more engagement. We want to make sure, too, that it’s driving the boat in the same direction as the rest of your marketing so that all your efforts are moving towards the same goals. 

Branding: We love to create branding documents for our clients so that ALL your social media platforms and your content is consistent and branded, not only for the look, but also for your messaging. It sets you apart and makes you shine!

Social Media Analysis: Let’s make sure that the platforms you are using make sense for your target market. We also look at your branding, your messaging, your bio, and call to actions and optimize each platform to maximize all opportunities.

Increase Leads: We use social media to boost your e-list and get more leads into your funnel, whether you have an event coming up, webinar, or have fantastic free resources to share. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Social Media Platform Set Up: Once we know what platforms are best for your business, to increase exposure and build relationships with your audience, then we can help set up those platforms so that they are optimized, branded and provide consistent messaging. 

Analyse Results: We look at your social media insights, to see what is working and what is not. We look at the type of posts you are sharing, the content specifically, the language used, times and days posted and see what is attracting your audience. We then course correct to maximize results. 

Engagement: For some clients, we also monitor your accounts, review notifications, answer messages, like those that comment, increase followers and connections, share other people’s content and reply to any comments. This is what helps build those relationships. We do believe, though, that YOU too need to communicate directly with your audience – this simply helps with the workload, but can not replace your own relationships building process.

Let us take the workload off your hands, so you can get consistent on social media, increase your exposure, get more leads and build more relationships.

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