Leverage Social Media Content to Promote your Business

Sep 5, 2019


How to leverage and use your social media content

I was recently honored as a guest speaker on the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast with Chris Prefontaine (thanks Chris!), where we discuss how to leverage and use your social media content to promote your business.  I love sharing practical tips, business building & content marketing strategies so that you can be more productive and attract more customers faster. Join us and learn why the need to attract new customers should be a major priority for your business’s success.  

What you’ll learn about social media content in this episode:

  • Why Lyndsay left her existing jobs to start a business in developing content marketing and social media content for other businesses and entrepreneurs
  • How content marketing can be used to build strong business relationships and form connections
  • What Lyndsay believes is the biggest mistake businesses often make in the realm of social media content and marketing
  • Why consistent posting and branding across social media is key to forming a strong impression of your company
  • How to leverage your social media content and repurpose it to engage with your customers through many channels
  • How to get started using social media to promote your business and how to build on that foundation to expand your social media presence
  • How Lyndsay defines professional success and what she considers the “big wins” of her career
  • How Lyndsay turned a major challenge into a learning and growth opportunity
  • What daily activities and tools Lyndsay uses to clear her mind and put herself in the right mindset for success
  • What goal Lyndsay has set for her future and what business books she recommends as essential reading
  • Why working with a mentor is an important tool for guidance, focus and discipline


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