30 Ideas For Social Media Content

Jul 20, 2016

No Excuse – A Month’s Worth of Social Media Content!

social media contentIt is hard to be creative on a daily basis and come up with new ideas and new posts for social media content, so here is a quick list to get you by!Tweet: Best way to get posting your #sm daily - http://ctt.ec/xbVO3+ ‎

  1. Community news.
  2. Community events.
  3. What have you sponsored recently?
  4. Your favorite charity – give them a plug!
  5. Office news – I’m sure there must be something going on – newly decorated office, new pet, new employee, wedding, new baby?
  6. Your news – don’t be afraid to say what’s going on in your life too!
  7. Testimonials – share the wonderful things that people are saying about you, your product or service! In fact – check out my video on Creative Ways To Show Off Your Testimonials!Tweet: Check out my video on Creative Ways To Show Off Your Testimonials! http://ctt.ec/1YNw4+
  8. Quotes – the inventory out there is unbelievable! Make them into fun text graphics too!
  9. Pictures – fun one’s you find, jokes (tasteful!), beautiful & inspiring graphics.
  10. Tips in your industry.
  11. Tricks of the trade so to speak – I bet you have tons! (Make a list when you have free time!)
  12. FAQ’s – address questions you get often.
  13. New product in your industry – share it!
  14. Did you know….fun fact about something in your field
  15. Go to sites like Mashable and get some interesting material from there, or a magazine you get on Flipboard
  16. Read any good books lately? – Share and ask who else has read it
  17. Comments on things that are current and going on in the news (just be careful to not be too political!)
  18. Come up with a quick contest to post and promote
  19. Celebrate – anyone’s birthday, anniversary, company milestone you want to give a shout out to?
  20. Fun trivia – everyone loves fun interesting facts – find some that relate to your business or that are just plain silly and fun.
  21. Statistics – any interesting statistics in your field? Share!
  22. Promote one of your services/products – feature product of the week….
  23. Has someone done something nice lately – thank them out loud on social media.
  24. Show off your work – if you have any before and after pics – post them. Tweet: Don’t be afraid to show off your work, or state some accomplishments on #socialmedia.
  25. Use an old blog – don’t be afraid to use old material again and link to it!
  26. Ask questions – a great way to get engagement and feedback on anything.
  27. Feature an employee or a supplier.
  28. Remember when – post something from ages ago you were reminiscing over (work related or otherwise).
  29. Feature a client of the month or a fan of the month.
  30. Food – people love food – talk about a new restaurant in town, recipe you just tried or product you recently found.

There are so many great ideas out there – and it’s easy to feel stuck! I hope you use some of these next month! If you are STILL stuck for social media content and have a hard time consistently posting great content contact Smooth Sailing Online Support – we can create custom content and schedule without breaking the bank! www.SmoothBusinessGrowth.com or email info@smoothbusinessgrowth.com Tweet: .@ssonlinesupport can create custom content & schedule it without breaking the bank! http://ctt.ec/aeZ93+ ‎