Social Media Engagement – A How To Guide

Sep 7, 2016

What do I do with my Social Media Platforms besides POST?

Social Media Engagement – A How To Guide

Social Media Engagement – A How To Guide

It’s obvious that one of the first things you do when you get a Social Media Platform is

  1. a) set up your profile and
  2. b) create and update your status with posts.

BUT there is a whole other set of steps that you need to consider to make your social media engagement SO MUCH more effective.Tweet: What you need to consider to make your social media marketing effective -

Social Media Engagement Tips


Notifications: TwitterIconSMEngagementGo to the notifications tab and see who is now following you, who retweeted or favored your posts.

– Follow the new people that are now following you & send them a direct message to direct them to an opt in, your Facebook page to connect there or website etc. Or even just a quick hi and ask something about them

– Click on profile for those that favored/retweeted. Thank them via direct message, reply, or return the courtesy and check out their posts to see if there is anything that is suitable for you to comment/retweet/favorite

Follow Vs Following: Make sure the numbers are fairly close (within a 100 or so is fine). You just don’t want to have MORE your following then the # of folks following you. Looks bad.

– Click on Following so you see all the people you are following. You’ll see some say ‘Follows You’ on it. Keep these! Now once a day or a chunk per week, you may need to Unfollow a bunch that are not following you back (again look at your numbers). Just don’t unfollow some folks that you JUST started following (give them a chance to follow you too)

Recommend: On the right hand side you’ll see a Who To Follow section. You can see a few right now and click ‘view all’ to see the whole list. Follow those that are suitable to your businessTweet: #Twitter: #Follow those that are suitable to your #business. Here's why -

– Good idea to add at least 5-10 per day. *again watch the follow VS followers #’s.

Home Page: Go to the Home Page where you can see newsfeed and posts of those that you follow. You can comment (reply button), favorite any posts you like. Retweet only one’s that you think would be suitable for YOUR audience. When you are doing this – just retweet a couple at a time. You don’t want a whole string of posts to your people (think of notifications they may receive!) at once.



Messages: Check any messages and respond, delete spam one’s.

Notifications: It shows who has viewed your site. Send messages to appropriate contacts or connect with   appropriate people

Connections: Go to My Network, then connections. There are some you can congratulate for various things (great way to engage) and a list of those that LinkedIn suggests you connect with. Connect with those that make sense. Don’t forget to ‘find’ people that you want to connect with and connect.

Invitations: Delete or accept connection invitations. The invites will come into your notifications.

Home: This is the newsfeed – share/comment on other people’s posts or like.Tweet: It is recommended to share/comment/like other people’s posts #sm

Viewers: If you go to Profile and Who’s Viewed My Profile – you can see who has viewed this and your posts. You can then connect, message and reach out to those that are engaging in your content. This is a great time to use opt in’s since they have now shown interest in you.

Groups: Search for various groups and join any that are of interest and would be good to network with.Tweet: Search for various groups & join those of interest #SM #engagement #networking Just make sure you don’t do promotional/sales posts within groups – it would get you kicked out!



FBiconSMEngagement Messages: Check messages promptly and respond.

Notifications: Check to see if you have any friend invites & accept appropriate ones.

Take a look at your new Likes here and send them a DM message to say thank you.

Also, encourage they send you an email address so you can stay connected with more great updates!

– If you have any new Shares here (followers are sharing your post), take a look at the audience that is sharing your content. This is another good way to know your followership and see if others are talking about you!

Go to Page: On the left hand side invite your friends from profile to like your page.

Home on Profile Page: Check out what others are posting, comment, share and like appropriate posts. You can even SHARE a post (either you did on the profile page only or that someone else did) on your business PAGE.Tweet: Sharing posts on #FB makes good #business sense #entrepreneurs #engagement -