4 Social Media Myths You Should Not Ignore

Nov 1, 2017

Popular Social Media Myths

myths social mediaMany businesses cringe at the thought of marketing their business through social media in fear that clients will know their personal ‘laundry’, or it’s a waste of time. This is just not the case. Social Media can be fun, informative, build relationships and make or break a sale. Let me share the 4 most common social media myths that you should no longer ignore if you want to grow your business and dominate your market.

Social Media is not necessary

Your website and your online presence is a key factor in your brand, brand awareness and the perception that your potential clients have about you. It can make or break a lead, a call, an appointment, a sale. Let me share how.

social media myths

Imagine a potential client is having issues with their furnace and naturally they look online for a reputable company to call. And yes, they will google, but a large percentage of people will now search beyond google. They search You Tube and Facebook as well. Consumers are savvy and will do their research and make an informed decision. Long gone are the days of picking up a Yellow Pages and randomly choosing a company to do business with.

If they find a company on Facebook and see a few old posts from a month ago and a few others that are staggered, inconsistently on the platform, what do you think their perception would be? They will wonder

  • if the company is still in business.
  • if the company is busy or successful enough (ie have the expertise) to support marketing their business at all on social media.
  • if there is an issue down the road, will the company be reliable, call them back, be there for support.

Being consistent with social media WILL affect your branding, marketing and how an individual perceives your business.

You only need to post promotions on Social Media

If you make the mistake of posting ONLY promotional information, posts that are all about you and your products, I guarantee you will turn people away.

If someone only see’s promotional material, they’ll think the company is only in it for the money, and not customer focused. They will lose that sense of trust before they even have a chance to get to know you.

social media myths

They will feel you don’t care about them, but rather it’s ‘all about you’. Like a bad cheesy salesman – it will turn them right off! These initial assumptions based on what they see online can make or break a sale.

Instead, share what’s new in your business, share tips and strategies, how-to’s and information that your potential customer will find useful. Think about related problems that may come up in their homes, life or business, and share expertise that will help them. It shows you are serving them. but it also shows you know your stuff. It will affect their perception of your business and increase that level of trust.

I should keep information all about my industry and profession:

Of course, you want to showcase your expertise, and let people know all the services you offer, BUT, you also want your clients, prospects and community to relate to you on a human level. You want them to see you as someone that cares about their needs, that cares about the community and even someone they’d like to hang out with. You need to inject that know, like and trust factor. Don’t be afraid to post about:

  • Events around town
  • Charity work you are involved in or believe in
  • What’s new in the office or with your staff [new pet, new grandchild]
  • Your favorite recipe
  • What you did last weekend (within reason)
  • Some before and afters of clients (don’t forget they’ll share the pictures!)

In fact, don’t be afraid to use humour and share inspirational stories or quotes. I mean, who doesn’t love a good funny dog picture! Posts like these are a lot more sharable. And what does that mean? It means you will extend your reach and exposure, plus it’ll boost your ability on Facebook to show up in their newsfeed more often. The more engaged they are the better.

social media myths

Social Media is not a factor in relationship building:

Being consistent in Social Media can keep your business top of mind with your potential clients and your current clients. It’s of course a medium to showcase your talents, your products, your expertise BUT it’s also social. Hence ‘social’ media. It’s a way to connect with your audience.

Potential customers will often post on your wall or send you a direct message to ask a question. To fulfill your motto of good customer service you need to follow up in a timely manner. Likewise, if a customer has a negative comment or issue – you’ll want to head that off right away, to mitigate a negative situation, negative press and show that you care. It gives you a chance to change that relationship around.

You’ll want to thank those that like your posts, comment back when they comment, and answer questions. In doing so you’ll be building relationships and boosting that know like and trust factor.

You can go one step further and follow associations, non-profits, organizations and businesses in your community as well. It helps to foster those long-lasting relationships and possible partnerships and referrals. Comment on their posts, share them on your platform, like their posts. In other words, engage, communicate, interact with your potential clients, potential partners and current client base. It goes a long way!

Being consistent with Social Media, serving and communicating with your community and potential clients, staying top of mind and building those relationships, guaranteed, will give you that X-factor in dominating your market. Whether you do it yourself, have a member of your team empowered with that role or outsource it to a content marketing expert, making a concerted effort to build your social media marketing will help your business grow.

Of course, if you need help with all that, you can reach out to me here: Lyndsay Phillips

Have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back!