Social Media Videos Using Headliner with Oliver Wellington

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Social Media Videos


So you know I love tools and online apps so I’m super psyched to chat today with Oliver Wellington, start up junkie, and co-founder of the most popular audio to video creator on the market, Headliner, about social media videos.

  • What spawned the start of headliner?
  • Why are videos so key in social media?
  • How do the audiograms help your podcast show exposure?
  • What are the benefits of captions on the videos?
  • Share the features Headliner has and how we can use it.
  • I see you have a few new features – adding gifs, turning blogs into video… and headliner marketplace

Oliver loves building startups from the ground up. He was co-founder at nRelate, a content recommendation engine used by over 100,000 publishers and bloggers. That company exited to IAC in 2012, and he continued to build it until 2015. He co-founded SpareMin in 2015, which was an app to help podcasters and guests connect for interviews, after moderate success, the company rebranded as Headliner, which is now the most popular audio to video creator on the market, with over 1000 videos being exported every day, across every continent. The Headliner team continues to grow the product and is currently expanding into video creation for publishers and marketers. Before all this startup stuff he was in a rock band, but that’s a whole other story…For the education stuff, undergrad NYU for Psychology and Creative Writing, MBA from Babson College.

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