Create Speaker Reels From Your Podcasts Guest Appearances

May 8, 2024

Speaker Reels

Maybe you are already guesting on podcasts and want to start hitting the stage for a bigger impact but what’s going to give you leg up to get chosen? Speaker reels! And how do you get one when you haven’t spoken on a stage yet? 

Listen to this episode with Cam Beaudoin of The Frequent Speaker to share how to create your speaker reels BEFORE you start speaking, and what makes a reel that grabs attention and dazzles event planners.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • How speaker reels are used to secure speaking opportunities and build confidence
  • The process of creating speaker reels, including selecting content, storytelling, and music
  • How to use your podcast interviews to create speaker reels before you even hop on a stage
  • Overcoming objections like lack of content or reluctance to watch oneself on video
  • How to outsource speaker reel creation to professionals to accelerate growth in the speaking industry


[00:03]  From Podcasting to Public Speaking

[04:17]  Creating Compelling Speaker Reels

[08:27]  Finding Your Unique Voice and Creating Impactful Speaker Reels

[18:27]  Picking Unique Content

[19:13]  The Importance of Evergreen Content and Brand Alignment 

[23:03]  Crafting the Perfect Demo Reel

[29:59]  Creating a Speaker Reel to Expand Opportunities

[36:04]  Maximizing Your Business Impact Through Outsourcing


Unlocking the Power of Speaker Reels

In the ever-evolving world of public speaking and event planning, a well-crafted speaker reel has become an invaluable tool for aspiring and established speakers alike. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, understanding the importance of a speaker reel can open doors to new opportunities and help you amplify your message.


What is a Speaker Reel?

A speaker reel, also known as a demo reel or promo reel, is a short video that showcases a speaker’s talent, expertise, and stage presence. It’s designed to give event planners and organizers a glimpse into what you can offer as a speaker, allowing them to quickly assess whether your skills and style align with their event’s needs.


The Importance of a Speaker Reel

Increased Visibility: A speaker reel can help you stand out in a crowded market, making it easier for event planners to discover and consider you for speaking engagements.

Authenticity and Engagement: By highlighting your unique personality, stories, and delivery, a well-crafted reel can help event planners envision how you would engage their audience, fostering a deeper connection.

Streamlined Booking Process: With a speaker reel readily available, event planners can quickly evaluate your suitability, saving them time and effort in the booking process.


Creating a Speaker Reel Without Stage Experience

If you’re an aspiring speaker without a wealth of on-stage experience, don’t let that hold you back. Cam Bodwin, a software developer turned public speaking expert, shares his insights on how to create a powerful speaker reel even if you’re just starting out.


Leveraging Podcast Appearances

Podcast interviews can be a goldmine for sourcing content for your speaker reel. Cam suggests sifting through your past podcast appearances, identifying the “gold nuggets” – moments where your passion, expertise, and storytelling shine through.


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Investing in Professional Production

While DIY efforts can be a good starting point, Cam recommends investing in professional video and audio production to elevate the quality of your speaker reel. This includes using high-quality cameras, lapel microphones, and skilled editors to craft a polished, impactful final product.


Showcasing Your Unique Perspective

When creating your speaker reel, focus on highlighting your unique perspective, mission, and the value you can bring to an audience. Event planners are not just looking for a list of credentials; they want to see how you can engage and inspire their attendees.


Incorporating Emotional Resonance

Cam emphasizes the importance of incorporating emotional resonance into your speaker reel. Capture moments where you’ve connected with your audience, whether it’s a personal story or a powerful call to action. These emotional touchpoints can help event planners envision the impact you could have on their event.


The Path to Speaking Success

By leveraging the power of a well-crafted speaker reel, you can open the door to new speaking opportunities and expand your reach. Whether you’re an experienced speaker or just starting out, investing in the creation of a professional, engaging reel can be a game-changer in your journey to becoming a sought-after public speaker.

So, are you ready to unleash your voice and take your speaking career to new heights? Start by exploring the world of speaker reels and let your unique perspective shine.

About Cam

Cam Beaudoin is the founder of The Frequent Speaker, where he revolutionizes how speakers utilize their content. With a background in software development and technical consulting, Cam bridges the gap between technology and public speaking. His expertise lies in getting speakers on bigger stages so they can help transform bigger crowds by leveraging their existing content.

Cam’s agency offers a unique “done-for-you” service, crafting speaker highlight reels that quickly and efficiently builds trust and credibility with the audience. His approach combines a deep understanding of big business needs and leveraging technology, making him a valuable ally for speakers navigating the digital landscape.

Driven by a passion to elevate voices in the speaking world, especially those less heard, Cam aspires to open new, rewarding opportunities for speakers, ensuring they are recognized and valued for their insights and experiences. In Cam’s vision, technology and storytelling converge, creating impactful speaking experiences and bringing diverse stories to the forefront of the global stage.


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