How To Use Podcast Guesting As Your Gateway To Speaking On Stage

Dec 6, 2023

Speaking On Stage

When you hear that someone is a speaker and see that they speak on venues and stages – what is your gut reaction – impressed right? You instantly know they are a coveted authority that is an expert at something. If you want that kind of credibility and become a highly-paid authority – then podcast guesting is your gateway to speaking on stage. Today we speak with Anastasia Lipske, a speaker and podcast booking agency to share tips on how to bridge that gap from podcasts to the stage.

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By listening you’ll discover… 

  • How to use podcast guesting to grow your speaking business
  • Why podcast guesting is a great tool to help speakers gain visibility
  • How to find the right podcasts to guest on
  • The difference between a speaker and a podcast one-sheet and whether you need both
  • How to get the most visibility out of every talk or podcast you’ve been on
  • Key branding practices that will help you get booked on more shows


Pivoting in the Face of a Pandemic

Like many businesses, Anastasia’s speaker agency was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the cancellation of in-person events, she had to rethink her strategy. Anastasia shared how she embraced podcast guesting as a way to keep her clients visible and relevant. She recognized the value of podcast guesting in terms of visibility, establishing expertise, and generating speaking engagements. This pivot not only helped her clients but also opened up new opportunities for her business.

The Intersection of Speaking and Podcasting

During our conversation, we delved into the similarities between the speaking world and podcasting. Being a speaker brings credibility and authority, which can be advantageous in podcasting. However, regardless of the platform, it is crucial to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the topic being discussed.

Preparing for Success: The Importance of One Sheets

It’s important to have a separate one sheet for speakers and podcast guests. Podcast hosts rely more on speaker sheets to assess a guest’s presentation skills. A well-designed one sheet should include at least one image, preferably an action image or one that showcases the speaker in front of an audience or podcast microphone. However, she advised against making the one sheet too busy or cluttered.

For speaker one sheets, Anastasia recommends focusing on a signature topic that the speaker is known for. For podcast one sheets, she suggests including sample questions or conversation starters to give the host an idea of what can be discussed. Testimonials should focus on the speaker’s abilities and impact as a speaker or podcast guest. It’s also essential to include a list of previous speaking engagements or podcast appearances to showcase the speaker’s experience.

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The Power of Energy and Resonance in Public Speaking

Anastasia highlighted the importance of energy and resonance in public speaking. Speakers should practice and gain experience by doing virtual presentations and hosting their own events. She also emphasized the value of seeking professional help to improve speaking skills and craft a compelling message.

The Benefits of a Speaker Page

We discussed the benefits of having a speaker page on a website that showcases both speaking engagements and podcast appearances. Anastasia suggested combining both speaking and podcast guesting content on one page, unless there is an abundance of material for each category. She explained that having a speaker page with backlinks to previous podcast interviews makes it easier for hosts to vet potential guests and increases the likelihood of being invited onto other shows.

Optimizing Podcast Episode Pages

Anastasia shared valuable insights on optimizing podcast episode pages on websites. She suggested that long scrolling pages can cause people to lose interest, so it’s better to have a compact layout. She also emphasized the need to sort episodes, with the most impactful and relevant ones at the top.

The Importance of Authenticity and Value in Podcasting

While authenticity is important, Anastasia also stressed the need to take podcasting seriously and deliver value. She shared her own efforts to control her environment and audio quality during recordings. She advised hosts to invest in equipment like microphones and headsets to ensure the best possible audio quality.

Connecting with Anastasia Lipske

For those interested in connecting with Anastasia and benefiting from her expertise in getting booked on stages and podcasts, she suggests visiting her website, Access Speaker’s Biz. She also hosts a monthly Q&A session, where she answers questions and provides valuable insights as a speaker and podcast booking agent.

Our conversation with Anastasia Lipske was enlightening and filled with practical insights. It’s clear that whether you’re a speaker or a podcaster, the key to success lies in authenticity, preparation, and delivering value to your audience.


About Anastasia

Anastasia Lipske is the founder of Access Speakers, a speaker and podcast booking agency, where she has a proven track record of booking over 1,600 engagements for her clients. This experience has made her well-versed in understanding the needs and expectations of speaker chairs, event planners, and podcast hosts when seeking top-quality speakers and guests for their events and shows.

In addition to her booking expertise, Anastasia has a unique talent for consulting business owners on personal branding strategies that can help them improve their chances of getting booked for speaking engagements or podcast interviews. Her advice and best practices enable clients to maximize the impact of their presentations and interviews, ultimately generating more influence, awareness, and clients for their businesses.

As a co-author of the book “Business Success with Ease,” Anastasia highlights the significance of using speaking engagements as a powerful tool to gain influence and attract potential clients. She emphasizes how harnessing the power of one’s voice can drive success and growth for both individuals and businesses. Anastasia’s energetic personality and passion for the speaking industry make her a motivating and inspiring speaker herself.

She encourages audiences to recognize the potential of their voices and understand how impactful speaking engagements can be in their professional journeys. Her enthusiasm and expertise make her a sought-after resource for those looking to enhance their speaking careers or guest appearances on podcasts.


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