Energize Your Speaking Skills With Qigong

Mar 13, 2024

Speaking Skills

“Energy” is more than healing modalities like acupuncture or body work — it shows up in the stories you tell, both in terms of WHAT you say and HOW you say it. So how you show up and speak on stage matters. 

I had such a powerful conversation with Qigong Master, speaker, presentation mentor Vicki Dello Joio about how to craft a compelling story, conquer stage fright and have a magnetic presence on stage to impact the listeners in a bigger way.

A Taste Of What Is Covered: 

  • How Qigong principles can enhance a speaker’s energy, presence and connection with the audience. 
  • How aligning passion, presence and power to help you inspire and motivate your audience
  • How to craft compelling stories that emotionally engage audiences. 
  • Tips for overcoming stage fright and setting intentions before speaking engagements.
  • Harnessing energy and charisma for powerful speaking engagements.


Key Moments:

[00:03]  Intro to Qigong

[04:12]  The Power of Energy in Public Speaking

[10:39]  Storytelling to Connect with Your Audience

[14:27]  Tips for Engaging Your Audience

[19:07]  Creating a Powerful Presence On Stage

[29:36]  Tips for Effective Communication and Connection

Understanding Qigong: The Energy Behind Public Speaking

Qigong, a Chinese martial art for healing, has ancient roots dating back thousands of years and encompasses various practices aimed at working with life force energy known as “chi.”

It involves breathwork, energy movement akin to acupuncture or acupressure without needles, and tapping into core life force energy. Qigong encompasses diverse strands like medical qigong, martial arts qigong, and spiritual approaches, each offering unique insights into energy manipulation and balance.


Enhancing Speaking Skills through Energy Practices

Vicki has developed a hybrid approach called the Way of Joy Qigong, emphasizing the use of joy as a fuel rather than a goal in life.

By integrating energy practices like Qigong, speakers can enhance their presence, connect with audiences on a deeper level, and exude charisma naturally on stage or virtually.


Harnessing Energy for Charismatic Presence

In Chinese medicine and Qigong, Wei Chi refers to outer energy emitted by individuals, influencing how they are perceived and interacted with.

Centered, grounded energy emits a field (Wei Qi) that draws people in authentically, creating a magnetic presence without being overpowering.

Learning to expand and control one’s energy field can positively impact how speakers are perceived and received by their audience.




Crafting Engaging Stories for Impactful Speaking

Engage the audience emotionally by inviting them into the experience through vivid, compelling storytelling that creates heart-to-heart connections.

Embracing vulnerability in storytelling allows speakers to showcase their authentic selves, fostering a powerful and empowering connection with the audience.


Cultivating Charisma and Power Presence

Aligning passion, presence, and power internally helps speakers exude confidence, authenticity, and impactful energy when delivering a message.

Simple exercises like standing tall, energy circling movements, and setting positive intentions can help speakers tap into their inner power and exhibit charismatic presence.

The fusion of energy practices like Qigong and compelling storytelling can transform public speaking, allowing speakers to radiate charisma, connect authentically, and leave a lasting impression on their audience. Embracing vulnerability, aligning inner energies, and honing storytelling skills are pivotal in unlocking one’s power presence and making a significant impact in the world of speaking and beyond. Remember, your voice matters, and sharing your unique message with the world can truly make a difference.


About Vicki

As a visibility strategist,  Josef’s diverse experiences in the media landscape, ranging from Associate Publisher to Vice-president of a multinational newspaper throughout Latin America, and a professor in paradigmatic business designs at three universities, have equipped him with in-depth business knowledge. This journey, coupled with my over 50 TV show appearances has given Josef a rich understanding of the ever-evolving media dynamics.


Resources mentioned: 

The Secrets Behind Charisma: 3 Steps to Inspire and Motivate Your Audience Every Time You Speak, available at YourPowerPresence.com

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