Step ONE When Starting a Sales Funnel

May 9, 2017

Starting a sales funnel begins with a plan.

sales funnelBefore you start creating any sales funnel strategies you first need to have your product ladder set up. You need a foundation, the bones and structure to work off of first. What do I mean by that?

Well you need a logical path of products or services before you can create the marketing that steps prospects through the sales funnel to get them to your end goal (your highest product). Let me explain.

Let’s say you have a lead magnet for a cheat sheet of some kind, something that entices your target market to get into your list. To have solid conversions to get them from there to your (for example), 3-day event, or coaching program – you need to do more than just promote it and send them newsletters.

You need to have a logical progression of products (and thus marketing of those products) to lead them to the program you want them to sign up for. In layman’s terms – you can’t ask them on a date and then send them love letters then ask them to marry you a month later. Likely – they will run for the hills!

Using a coaching business is the easiest way to demonstrate what I mean.

Sales Funnel Layout





Goal – get them in your list so you can market to them.

sales funnel

Goal – get them more engaged with your content, get them to know you and your expertise, build a relationship. *Quite often a webinar’s call to action would be a strategy call or sale of a low price point item.

sales funnel




Goal – get them to pay for something – invest at a low risk level. Plus they’ll engage more with your content and boost trust.

sales funnel




Goal – get them to pay a higher product. Plus engage and see how you can help them on a larger scale

sales funnel




Goal – start coaching them in some way so they see the value, build a relationship and then want more.

sales funnel




Goal – you’ve reached the pinnacle and have them in the largest investment.

This, of course, is just an example to illustrate a point. You need to have that product ladder from FREE to small, to medium, to the end goal. There are VERY few prospects that would sign up for a FREE lead magnet then dive into the large investment.

There are very few prospects that would buy a book or info product then sign up for the big investment. You want to lead them to the next natural step – the next product or service (hence the name “sales funnel”, as you funnel them through the process).

Once you have this framework mapped out – you can then successfully market to them through Facebook Ads campaigns (and retargeting), through nurturing campaigns, tripwire campaigns in your email marketing, goodwill campaigns, social media and more. You can create a fully strategic sales funnel once you know the logical steps the prospects need to take.

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