How to Structure your Video Script for More Engagement

May 7, 2018

How to structure your video script

Have you ever wondered about knowing what to say in your video and in what order to hook, engage, and convert your video audience?
This is a simple formula to format your video script – an easy script to follow to ensure more engagement and conversion…. watch now.

Helping entrepreneurs attract & acquire more customers faster with powerful content marketing.

Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, your content marketing strategic partner. At Smooth Sailing Business Growth we plan, publish, optimize and promote your content through the web, social media and email so that you can have more leads, more clients with less stress and more freedom. Through our amazing team, we partner with entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers, who are seeking fast-paced business growth but have finally come to the realization that they can’t do it alone, do it all and do it well. By creating a content marketing plan, video script, publishing videos, blogs, and podcasts and implementing from start to finish, our clients not only have consistent branding, multiply their online exposure, but are finally able to get out of the trenches and instead focus on client retention, business development, and revenue generation!

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Helping entrepreneurs attract & acquire more customers faster with powerful content marketing.
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