Swift Kick Show with Timothy D. Craggette

Swift Kick Show – Blogs are Boring and Unless – Not So!!! 

Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on Timothy D. Craggette’s Swift Kick Show. 


Swift Kick Show



Blogs are boring and useless. Not so. In fact, it’s become one of the vital tools for the entrepreneur that makes staying relevant simple. The fact that content creation helps to inform our clients and customers on what’s trending, what’s we’re doing to help them, and what’s important for them helps to build our authority with little barrier to syndicate.

My guest Lyndsay Phillips comes onto the Swift Kick Show and walks us through the best practices for today’s winning blogs and how you can rise above the noise.

For more podcasts that Lyndsay is guest starred on, please visit our podcast page and choose your interest! 



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