Peter Lisoskie On How Chatbots Can Boost Sales

Chatbots and how to effectively use them for sales is this episode's topic of conversation. We talk to Peter Lisoskie and ask: What is a chatbot? What are some applications for a chatbot? and What types of businesses are chatbots suitable for?

Full Throttle Leadership and Team Culture

How is team culture a competitive edge? We asked Emilie Shoop and touched on some of the pain points of leadership, culture, where to draw the line on micromanaging someone and the main reasons people quit.

Customer Service Strategies with Yanique Grant

In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews Yanique Grant. Yanique is the founder and CEO of Profession Training and Occupational Services and has trained over twenty thousand people internationally.

What is a VA anyway?

So many entrepreneurs are using online assistants or a virtual office assistant. What are they? A VA (for short) is generally self-employed and provides professional