Facebook Video Hack

[svp]https://youtu.be/EOfH1XKFrnI[/svp] Facebook Video Downloads Info You Need To Know You’ve always wanted to download a video from Facebook, but there always seems to be a

Financial Gravity Podcast

Define Your Brand Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on Financial Gravity with John Pollock CLICK HERE TO LISTEN   Lyndsay is a self-professed

Telling and Selling Your Personal Story

Client Enrollment Academy founder Ben Tyler and I sat down to discuss his story and telling your story - He answered questions like: How would you explain what a story is? How do you get over the mindset of not wanting to share your story? Do you ever have anyone that tries to tell their story but it sounds forced? Hear his authentic self right here.

Loyalty and Why Your Team Follows

Recruiter trainer Scott Love talks to us about his book, why he wrote it, leadership indicators, team culture and how \ you know when it’s time to part ways with an employee. Hard lessons.