Peter Lisoskie On How Chatbots Can Boost Sales

Chatbots and how to effectively use them for sales is this episode's topic of conversation. We talk to Peter Lisoskie and ask: What is a chatbot? What are some applications for a chatbot? and What types of businesses are chatbots suitable for?

Chris Spurvey on Cultivating The Sales Mindset

Cultivating a Sales Mindset is today's topic. We ask Chris Spurvey What do you consider the characteristics of a good salesperson? Where does the sales mindset come in? and What do you attribute your success to in LinkedIn?

Copywriting Clues with Aaron Hoos

In this episode of Sailing To Success, host Lyndsay Phillips interviews Aaron Hoos, a writer, copyrighting strategist and expert on sales funnels. Aaron’s first book is “The Sales Funnel Bible: How To Generate More Leads, Turn More Of Them Into Customers, And Do It All Faster, Easier, And For More Profit.” In this show Aaron offers great tools and strategies that people can use immediately in their sales letters, landing pages and copyrighting.