Growing Your Podcast Audience With Wavve

Baird and Lyndsay discuss what Wavve is and how you can use it so your podcast can reach more people. They also touch on other uses for Wavve, Instagram and some content marketing/repurposing do's and don'ts.

Repurpose Your Content Easily with Hani Mourra

Learn from Hani Mourra, creator of Find out: What is and how does it help content creators?Are content creators nervous about repurposing content?What does Simple Podcast Press do?What are some mistakes that podcasters do?

Scheduling Your Social Media With Ease

Today I just interviewed Sameer Ahmed Khan, he's the owner of Social Champ, and so I thought I'd do a video on that. Basically it's an alternative to Hootsuite, so for scheduling your social media posts to your different platforms, it also has a great feature where you get to repeat your Twitter post and it has so much more.

Why You Should Say Yes To Video Marketing

Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I'm your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy waters of fast paced business growth. Today I'm joined by my little helper and my daughter Emily. Say hi.

One of My Best Business Tools – Zoom

Hi everyone welcome to another great episode of smooth sailing online support TV. I am your hosting captain Lyndsay Phillips and today I thought it would be fun to have a little co-host here Molly. She keeps me company in my office and she sleeps most of the day but she's my little buddy. Today I wanted to talk to to you not about my cat actually but about zoom. It's really taking off. I'm actually filming this video with zoom using my WebCam of course.