Take Your Podcast Discoverability To A New Level With Audea

Dec 1, 2021

Revolutionize The Way People Discover Your Podcast With Audea

Amit Kukreja talks about the exciting new platform for audio creators called Audea and how it can revolutionize the way people discover your podcast. Learn how Audea gets your content in front of more people and why it could become the YouTube for podcasters that we’ve all been waiting for.

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What is Audea?

Audea is trying to change the way audio content is distributed. Traditionally, podcasts are distributed through an RSS feed from a hosting service to platforms like Apple and Spotify. The trouble with that model is that it doesn’t create a supply and demand network effect in the way that something that YouTube does.

Audea is meant to be a true search engine for audio content in the way that YouTube is for video content.

As a listener of podcasts, it can be difficult to find the information and content you want to learn more about without wading through episode after episode.

The reason so many podcasters quit is because the feed creates an obstacle in being found. You need to market your podcast extensively in order to be discovered, Audea’s aim is to create that discovery flywheel for podcasters.

What are the features of Audea?

The main benefit of Audea is in the creation of clips (audio ideas) from one piece of content. By creating topic specific clips you have the ability to use keywords and the existing ecosystem to get in front of users searching for that kind of content.

Discoverability is the key. It allows you to create content once and get it in front of people for years to come. 

Audea is working diligently to build out a powerful analytics platform with the goal of giving podcasters better information on what works with their podcast.

On the platform you can subscribe to certain podcasters as well as commenting and liking certain content, something that is definitely missing from traditional podcasting feeds. Being able to actually interact with your listeners is huge for podcasters.

What have you found the most surprising after creating Audea?

The feedback after Amit launched the platform was phenomenal. Now that the ball is rolling, the most difficult challenge has been in keeping people’s attention and being innovative enough to get people to care.

What’s in the works right now?

Audea is currently adding a discover page similar to the way Instagram to help people find new content and emphasize certain content on the platform.

The ultimate vision for Audea is to become the YouTube of podcasts. It will be free forever with the idea being monetization coming from advertising.

Who’s on Audea now?

Initially, it was mainly entrepreneurs on the platform but now there are religious speakers on the platform, as well as people who talk about sexuality, poetry, comedians, and more. We are getting to a point in time where we are becoming more comfortable with listening rather than watching, and Audea is positioned to ride that wave.

Amit is an active creator on the platform himself as well.

Audea is a platform that enables more freedom in the content you create. The biggest innovation is going to be in indexing the content on the platform and creating a system that helps people discover your content as a podcast.

Do you have any tips for someone just getting started on Audea?

Amit has two main recommendations. Some creators have trouble when they just upload their episode. You need to think in terms of search and give your content a title that convinces someone to click through and listen to it. 

The second is to keep your content short (10 mins or so) and give it a thumbnail that’s more relevant than just your logo.

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