How to Grow Your Business – The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast

How to Grow Your Business w/ Sales Funnels

Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast podcast show with show host – Cindy Rodriguez 

How to Grow Your Business - The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast



Cindy and her company teach you everything you need to build the business of your dreams including resources, stories, and actionable advice for women entrepreneurs just getting started. In this episode, Lyndsay and Cindy discuss the differences between sales funnels and sending out email newsletters.

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  • Lyndsay teaches you all about sales funnels, starting with – what is a sales funnel?
  • We discuss how a sales funnel moves your ideal customer through the sales process automatically.
  • She shares the most popular software for creating email funnels.
  • She explains how to create funnels using Infusionsoft.
  • She talks about when you should switch from a starter email service like MailChimp to a more robust solution like Infusionsoft.
  • We also discuss why you need to start your sales funnel with an end in mind.


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