The Power of Purpose And How It Can Transform Your Podcast

Oct 18, 2023

Power of Purpose

Imagine defining and aligning your business and brand goals with your podcast concept that is purpose driven for a clear path to success. I’m chatting today with Christina Barsi who has a podcast production agency for women. It’s a juicy conversation about your WHY, your purpose, your goals and how to gain clarity to navigate these emotional waters to create a podcast that meets your goals but is also fulfilling.

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Key Moments: 

The importance of purpose in podcasting [00:00:03] Discussion on the significance of having a clear purpose and goal in podcasting.

Defining purpose and purpose-driven people [00:01:10] Exploration of the definition of purpose and how it relates to intuition and inspired action.

Setting goals for a podcast [00:10:17] Explaining the role of goals in podcasting and how they can vary depending on the individual’s intentions and aspirations.

Misplaced Success and Goals [00:11:54] Discusses the concept of misplaced goals and how it affects our perception of success in podcasting.

Building Fulfillment Pathway [00:13:01] Explores the importance of tapping into personal goals and creating a sense of fulfillment in podcasting.

Changing Goals as Life Changes [00:20:05] Addresses the challenges and process of changing goals and niches in podcasting as one’s life evolves.

The importance of purpose and growth [00:21:59] Discussion on the importance of embracing change, resisting the pain of resistance, and staying connected to one’s purpose in podcasting.

Pivoting and reflecting on podcast content [00:23:25] Exploration of how podcasting allows for pivots and changes in content, reflecting the personal transformations of guests, and the impact on the audience.

Creating a heart-based and purpose-driven business [00:27:59] Conversation about the significance of heartfelt purpose in attracting clients, the role of messaging in podcasting and business, and the importance of creating safe spaces for authentic conversations.

Authenticity and Vulnerability [00:34:02] The importance of being authentic and vulnerable in podcasting, connecting with others on a human level.

Navigating Pushback and Feeling Safe [00:34:52] The challenges faced by women in podcasting, dealing with pushback and creating a safe space for expression.

Aligning with Purpose and Avoiding Distractions [00:36:04] Staying focused on one’s purpose in podcasting, avoiding distractions and staying true to oneself.

The Definition of Purpose in Podcasting

Christina and I started our conversation by discussing the definition of purpose and its role in podcasting. Christina explained that purpose is connected to asking why, having empathy and compassion for others, and being curious. It’s about being connected to something bigger than just an outcome. Purpose is like a guiding compass that propels us into action. It’s about inspired action that comes from the heart.

This perspective resonated with me, making me realize that my own thinking has often been more focused on the end result. Christina emphasized that purpose is part of both the business and personal aspects of podcasting. It’s the communicator between purpose and action. It’s about checking in with your purpose and making sure your actions align with it.

Setting Goals and Finding Fulfillment in Podcasting

Christina stressed the importance of setting goals and finding fulfillment in podcasting. She pointed out that many podcasters have misplaced goals, focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time in their journey. For example, some may associate success with high download numbers or monetization, but these may not be the most important goals for everyone.

She also emphasized the need to set realistic goals and not compare oneself to others. Christina believes that confidence and a clear understanding of one’s reality are crucial for staying motivated and not quitting. She suggests creating small goals and reassessing them periodically, advising against overanalyzing analytics and instead focusing on making simple tweaks to improve the podcast’s performance.

Embracing Change and Growth in Podcasting

Christina and I also discussed the importance of embracing change and growth in podcasting. She emphasized the need to have conversations with ourselves and to understand that evolution and growth are positive things. Christina shared that she has personally experienced both quitting and changing aspects of her podcast, and acknowledges that it can be tricky and challenging. However, she believes that as long as podcasters stay connected to their purpose and ask themselves if what they’re doing is still serving them, they can make informed decisions about whether to stay or make changes.

The Importance of Authenticity and Vulnerability in Podcasting

Christina and I agreed on the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in podcasting. We both believe that being your true self and expressing emotions can help create a genuine connection with listeners. We also talked about the importance of feeling safe in certain environments and how podcasting provides a space where we can exercise our authenticity without judgment.


About Barsi

Barsi began podcasting & producing in 2013, she is the host of the podcast Be Bold Begin and the Founder of Avant Haüs Media, a podcast production & development agency for women. Barsi’s approach at AHM is holistic and alignment focused, designed to serve the goals of the whole individual or brand entity.

Barsi’s creative background includes: acting, writing, directing, producing, filmmaking, audio post production/editing, podcasting, audio hosting, and voice over and she holds a BA in Theatre Arts from UC San Diego.

In addition Barsi is a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, workshop creator and speaker.


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