Hey everyone. This is Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Online Support and I want to share an amazing landing page plugin that works with WordPress. Thrive Content Builder is another alternative for LeadPages, less expensive. I’m still doing some testing just to make sure it’s up to my standards before I make the switch myself from Leadpages, but I think it was like $100 or something like that for a year license. It was really reasonable. So far so good. I have noticed that it doesn’t necessarily work with some WordPress themes. There is a bit of a techie glitch on that. So, something to watch for definitely.

I’m going to share my screen just so I can explain how it works and what it looks like. Basically, you just set up a page like you do in WordPress and in general and then you edit with the Thrive Content Builder. Then, you can either start from scratch and add in different features, but it will have your menu bar on the top, which is, of course, not ideal. It has templates in there. Choose a landing page. You can see lead generation sales page, so I’m just going to pick one and open it up. Load the landing page.

Thrive is pretty easily editable and customizable, which is what I really like. The choice of templates, they’re okay. They’re not huge, but because it is customizable, that is super helpful. You can actually add sections, delete sections, which you can’t really do with Leadpages. I find Leadpages a little restrictive. You can delete sections. You can, edit it to whatever color you want. You can drag this over and add an image. Again, you can take sections and delete it. Add buttons. Add an icon. Add a paragraph. Delete sections. But at least the basis is here for you to work with, which it looks really nice.

That is a really quick rendition of what Thrive is like in that they have landing pages. Obviously, you save it here. It’s built right into WordPress, which is fabulous. Of course, you can connect it to the buttons and they do connect to your campaigns, whether you’re using Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign or another product, it’s so easily integrable. Just another great option for landing pages.

I always like to share new resources that I find with you, and that’s my tip for this week.

Have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.