Top 4 Business Success Tips Thanks To Hockey

Nov 9, 2016

Top 4 business success tips you can use!

Top 4 Business Success Tips Thanks To Hockey

Top 4 Business Success Tips Thanks To Hockey

I was watching my son’s hockey game on the weekend and realized a lot can be learned from this sport. Not only for my son – being in a team atmosphere, practicing new skills and having fun – but for all of us entrepreneurs! Here’s how I see it….

You can’t get a goal without some shots at net: You probably see the stats on the TV screen while watching NHL – shots on goal. You probably get the fact that really – you can’t get a goal without taking a shot at the net. And of course the more shots – the more likely you are to score. Same in business. You can’t achieve your goal of success (however that is defined) or move forward in your business without taking massive action. Some may bring results, some may not –the key is TAKING those action steps to grow your business.

Be on the offensive: Sometimes you need to be on the offensive – meaning – you won’t increase your chances of scoring by waiting for the puck to come to you. You need to go after the puck, move towards it, skate, pass and act strategically to get the puck and move towards the goalie net. This correlates with the point above – having to take massive action, be on the offensive to meet your goals.


TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More: Even as a solopreneur – to really expand and grow your business you need a team behind you. As much as you may believe it – you cannot do it ALL on your own. It’s overwhelming, inefficient and doesn’t lend itself to expanding your revenue. Maybe you contract out for blog writing, or have a bookkeeper, consider outsourcing some of your online marketing efforts, have a sales person or customer support person on your team. It will allow you to do what you do best and work ON your business and not always IN your business.

Don’t give up – and keep the ‘goal’ in focus: Some days you have a good game, sometimes not so much – but those hockey players keep practicing, improve their game and strategies to get better. They never give up. Same in business – just because you may have had a set back – doesn’t mean you should stop trying, stop strategizing or stop taking action. In the same vein – always stay focused on the GOAL (in Hockey that’s quite literal) but for us business owners – it’s either more free time, more wealth, more clients, or helping more people. Whatever YOUR goal is – keep focused and don’t give up.


And of course I can’t forget the biggest takeaway from Hockey – or all sports for that matter – and that’s having fun along the way. It’s great to be focused on the goal, the stats, the score – but really – it’s all irrelevant unless we are having fun. So I hope you are loving what it is you do while you are reaching for your goals!

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