Top Reasons To Add Blogs To Your Marketing Strategy

Jul 23, 2014


Increase Marketing ScoreMost businesses are already ‘sold’ on the benefits of posting blogs and are busy working on their content week to week, but there are still some stragglers in the business world that are not yet taking advantage of this fabulous marketing strategy. For those doubters, here are the top benefits of blogging for your business.

Driving traffic to your website: A blog provides fresh content to your website each week, giving people a reason to visit your site, which is exactly what you want. More visitors turn into more leads, which turn into more sales. It’s a proven fact! Big tip – on your blog page, have a call to action – and a way for people to subscribe to your blog/newsletter or download more content. It’s a way to increase your list and get potential leads to move down the sales funnel.

Increases your search engine optimization (SEO): Obtaining more clicks (visitors) on your site, will increase your search engine optimization. Promoting your blog (and linking back to your blog page) on your social media platforms will also increase SEO. To cut to the chase.. as you increase your SEO, the higher up the ‘rank’ your website will fall when searching for your keywords and service or product. Ideally you want your business to come up on the first page when people search on google. And to continue the cycle, the higher rankings turn into more visitors, more leads, more sales and so on.

Increases your expert status: When you provide great content and information – you aren’t giving all your knowledge away for free, (which many business owners may originally think). In fact, you are adding value to your business and your site and showing that ‘Hey.. I know my stuff – hire me!’ in a non- salesy way. It helps establish that element of trust – they get to know you and realize that you are an expert in your field and begin to trust your experience and knowledge.

It increases your exposure: If done right, blogs are ‘sharable’ and you can increase the circle of people that find out about you and get to know you as a business. When people subscribe to your blog (or e-zine) they are able to share that content with friends –who then hopefully will subscribe and move down your sales funnel. When you promote your blog on social media – it’s then easy for followers to share it with friends and family who would find that information useful. Again, linking to your website, you drive more traffic. You can also have a ‘share’ button on your blog page to share this blog with a friend… or share on social media. With the ability for followers to share, you increase your exposure, and the opportunity to convert more people to leads and sales.