Top Ways to Promote YOUR Webinar

Promote YOUR Webinar

I just read an amazing article by Geoff Ronning about different ways to promote your webinar – here are my favorites.

  1. 1Promote a free lead magnet (free report, worksheet or checklist for example) with a thank you page directed at your webinar registration.Tweet: Promote a free lead magnet with a thank you page directed at your webinar registration.
  1. Find out what webpage is the most popular – and create an automated process that sends visitors to your Webinar registration page.
  1. Create a custom url for webinars. Ex. or That way you can have that url in ALL videos, on books etc. Simply redirect your webinar registration page to that custom domain.
  1. Add webinar registration link to email signature so anyone that you have communication with knows about it too!Tweet: Add webinar registration link 2email signature; anyone u communicate  w/knows about it! ‎
  1. Mention your upcoming webinars if you are being interviewed. Another great reason to have an easy to say redirect URL for your webinar.
  2. Share tips about your webinar topics in a live streaming video – whether it’s YouTube, Periscope, Blab or others.

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