Is Your Blog Snackable? Top Ways To Optimize Your Blog

Oct 8, 2014

Optimize Your BlogOptimize Your Blog

If I asked you, “Would you like people to SHARE your blog and spread the word about how great your information is … your tips, your pictures, your website, your services, and more?” What would your answer be? “Absolutely!” I hope! So why not make your blog easier to optimize and share. Here are a few great tips on how to optimize your blog.

1. Include social media share buttons on your blog page. Some have them below, in between, or above the blog. Either way, you want to make it EASY for people to click a button and share the blog with friends, circles, followers and so on.CLICK TO TWEET

2. Include “Email this to a friend” on your blog page too. Typically this button will come with those social media share buttons in way of a plugin. Make sure the buttons are big enough to notice.

3. Add graphics to your blog. This breaks up the article and makes it more visually appealing and grabs people’s attention. They are more likely to keep reading (and then hopefully share!).

4. Include text graphics when promoting your blog to social media. This makes it more interesting and a ‘snackable’ piece of information. Even if they don’t read the whole article (albeit that is the goal) they will be more likely to share the graphic with friends and broaden your social media followers. 

5. Include statistics, fun quotes, or small sentences that have great ‘snackable’ bits of info to optimize your blog. Take it one step further and use to make it easier for people to tweet that one statement or fact. Don’t worry – that tweet can include a link to your website, your twitter handle – you customize it! CLICK TO TWEET

6. SEO — Make sure you have an SEO package in your website, and include tags, keywords and meta description for each blog post to make it rank higher and make it easier for folks to find you and your great content!

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