Benefits of Hiring A VA – guest appearance on Traffic & Leads Podcast

I am honored to be a guest on Lindsey Anderson’s Traffic and Leads podcast!





  • What is a virtual assistant and how can they help your business?
  • Different approaches to making the most of your virtual assistant
  • Why it is important to relinquish control of some of your online marketing activities to a virtual assistant to save yourself time
  • How webinars can help you market and what’s involved in making sure it runs smoothly
  • The importance of saving time by outsourcing back-end support to professionals
  • What is the process involved in a business launch and what is the best way to do it?
  • How info-products can help businesses expand and attract customers
  • The best way to price your book or info-product
  • The importance of holding a pre-launch for your book or info-product
  • How your email list size affects your launch strategy
  • What to do if your email list is small
  • Setting up a launch team to help promote your product and expand your reach
  • Establishing relationships and leveraging their lists to increase your launch
  • Creating incentives for other entrepreneurs to help you promote your launch
  • Dispelling the misconceptions about launches
  • The importance of understanding your value and backing yourself by organizing a launch for your book or info-product
  • Why is cross-reference marketing important?
  • Why it’s important to continually post your opt-ins on your social media platforms to build your list
  • The value of experimenting with different approaches to engaging with your audience
  • The best social media channels to reach your audience and how to get the most out of them
  • Reasons why you don’t need to market yourself across every single social media platform
  • The best strategies for marketing on Twitter


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