Twitter Lingo

Nov 27, 2018


Twitter Lingo

So maybe you’re new to Twitter and Twitter lingo has you absolutely befuddled. I mean you hear people dropping terms like Hashtag and Retweet. You’re like, what the heck does that even mean?

So I’m your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips, and this is your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

Here are the meanings of the most common Twitter lingo terms to really help you out if you are a beginner.

So a TWEET, it can either be a noun or a verb, but basically it’s referring to the post or the message that’s on twitter.

A HASHTAG though, means the number symbol, you know, where it kind of looks like this, or their marketing or keyword topic and this keyboard is searchable and you can do conversations that are contained within that Hashtag or topic.

The HANDLE is actually your twitter name or your address and kind of like your unique URL on twitter. It’s your username. It’s how people can find you and how people can mention you and tag you in posts with that little @ symbol, and it is linkable.

Your RETWEET is where you are sharing or posting or forwarding someone else’s tweet to your followers.


And that’s your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

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Twitter Lingo

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