Hi, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I am your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth. Today I want to talk to about your Twitter profile page. I still find a lot of people are resistant to marketing their business or even just joining Twitter.  

I personally love it. I’ve fallen off the Facebook bandwagon myself. I’m just trying to reach out to people and say, “Hey, give it a shot. Try it out.” Yeah, it’s amazing when people are resisting it.

Get Your Twitter Profile Page Ready For Action

I thought I would cover today how to get started with Twitter and what to do when you set up your Twitter profile page. The first thing to think about is what is your Twitter handle going to be. I definitely recommend matching it up to whatever your business name is, either that or your actual full name depending on what you do.  Try not to have an underscore in there if you can help it. I know some of those names are already taken, but it’s just easier to remember and easier to type up for anybody.  

Then you want to put in your profile picture and also the banner on your Twitter profile page. The banner, of course, needs to be a specific size, just like all the other social media platforms, and again making sure that it matches your branding, your website,  if you have books or something that you’re launching, definitely switch that up and showcase that on your Twitter banner there.

Some people get stymied in respects in what to put in the actual profile itself. I’ve so many people not put anything at all, not even their website, which is crazy to me. Make sure that you link it to your website and how someone else can find you in other avenues.

The profile, I know, is very, very short so  you’ve got to pack a lot into that small amount. For your business, definitely you want people to know what it is you do, why they want to contact you, and also think of it as an SEO, as strange as that sounds. Make sure that the words that you choose, that you put in there, are key words that people are going to find. You’ll notice mine says that I do social media marketing, online marketing, help with podcasts, so key areas in my business that I focus on and can help people with.

Just some quick tips on what to do with Twitter profile page. That is this week’s tip with Smooth Sailing Online Support TV.  If you are going through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth, trust myself and my amazing team to help you with our support services.  You can find us at smoothbusinessgrowth.com, or you can definitely email me direct at info@smoothbusinessgrowth.com. Until next week’s episode…

Have a productive and profitable week. May the winds always be at your back.

Freshen Up Your Twitter Profile Page

Freshen Up Your Twitter Profile Page