Tips for Terrific Twitter Videos

Aug 15, 2017

twitter videoTwitter videos tips you can use to get yourself up and running

While the old saying may be a picture paints a thousand words, on Twitter, a video certainly ranks much higher than 140 characters. Twitter itself is recognizing the importance of the live video service and is promoting videos to the top of the feeds, giving priority when your customers log on to the platform.

The use of the Twitter videos live feed is relatively simple, even for those that may not consider themselves as “techies.” All that you need to do is to log on to your Twitter account, create a Tweet and then click on the live icon at the bottom of the screen.

twitter video tips

This will allow your followers to watch live Twitter videos. It goes beyond that, however, with people able to join in at any point in time or to send comments or questions as the live video progresses. It is possible to respond in real-time as well, allowing you to address issues or to add more information as viewers ask questions or provide comments.

To stop the Twitter videos, just swipe down and hit the End Video button. While the live streaming video will end, it will still be available on your timeline, just as any other tweet. Additionally, even if you don’t have a Periscope account, it will show there as the system is provided through Periscope.

twitter video tips

To help you to create ideal Twitter videos, here are a few important points to remember:

  • Interesting content – as with anything on social media sites, the more interesting, unique and original the video is the more interest it will generate. Avoid using old topics and simply recreating something already done, instead look for a new angle or approach.
  • Edit your video – after creating a live video, you can edit it for a saved version that can be shared later. This will show as a recorded video in the corner, but it allows you to highlight or modify specific parts of the video to make the message very clear.
  • Make your message compelling – in the message or tweet associated with your video, think carefully about SEO (search engine optimization). Make sure the key search terms for the product, service or event are in the text to boost your feeds visibility through user searches.
  • Product demos – at a trade show, fair or business exhibition, consider live video streaming highlights of the event. Look for something amazing or unique that is going to bring your business to new viewers through shares and repeat viewings on your timeline.
  • Keep it short – just like Tweets, it will be important to keep the videos short, interesting and relevant. It is not a good idea to take YouTube or other videos and try to cut them down unless you are an expert at seamless editing. Poor quality video is going to push customers away.

It is important to realize that the maximum length of Twitter videos is now 140 seconds. There is a way to provide longer content, but most businesses will find their target audience can easily be intrigued by a shorter, creative video than a much longer production.