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Uploading Videos Directly to Boost Engagement

Today I’m going to talk to you about uploading videos on Facebook. Most of us usually link to either a webpage that has a video on it, the show notes (or transcriptions), and linking to YouTube, it does depend on your goal. Another great way is loading a video direct into Facebook. It actually embeds it and gives you more viewers and views on the actual video, which is what you want, so you get more engagement. Facebook actually loves videos. I’m going to share my screen and show you a few good tips for uploading videos directly.

First I want to show you, in YouTube, that you have to download the video. If you already have it hosted in YouTube, you do need to bring it on to your hard drive. You’re just going to go out to Creator’s Studio for your channel. You’re going to go to Video Manager, and then here are your videos.

Uploading Videos Direct To Facebook

Uploading Videos Direct To Facebook

You just basically pick one, go for the drop down menu and then download the mp4. I already have one on my hard drive. What you do here is load a video, you’re going to upload a video. It’s probably going to take forever to load, let’s see what it does. Now I got to find it. There we go. Then you can give it a title (there’s my little ragamuffin) and you put in a description.

It’s doing its little thing here. Now, here’s a thing to note. You’re posting this on your timeline, right, on your profile, that’s what I’m doing right now. You need to change this from Friends to Public. I’ll tell you why. If you only have it showing to your “friends”, then any person that you don’t know yet goes to your Facebook page, they’re not going to be able to see that.

The other thing is that if you only have it as “friends”, you are then unable to share it on another page or profile that you have. You don’t want to limit (a) who sees it and (b) who you can share it to. I’m just waiting for it to load and then I will post it, and then I’ll show you how to share it on another page that you have, so that you’re not stuck uploading it again.

Now unfortunately, it won’t let you pre-schedule it here (which is kind of a drag). I’m just going to let it do its thing.

As you know, you can put anything that you want here. You can tag people if you need, and so forth. This is going to be a long video, I’ve figured it would take a while to load up, we’re almost there. Then once it posts, I’m going to show you how to share it. Now we’re getting there a 100%, and post. Now it’s got to prepare!

Let me find another post then. Here’s another post. In absence, once it’s done its thing, you’re going to tick “share”, you’re going to hit “share” again, and then you’re going to actually share on a page that you manage. Select the page and then you’re posting as that, because you can say whether you’re posting as yourself or the page. Then you just post, and again, you can make this down here public or to your Friends only. In business, obviously you want everyone to be able to see your post.

That’s pretty much it for uploading videos directly to Facebook. I wonder if the other one, it has loaded. See how it’s embedded right there? You know it has to go to an outside link, so I’m going to just do this again here. Share it on to my page. You can even share it in an event, on a group that you had. You can do another little post there that is public, so I’m all good. I’m going to post that to my page. That’s it.

That actually doesn’t take too long, as long as the video’s not colossal and it’s going to be a million megabytes and it’ll take forever to get in there. You will get more engagement, you will get more shares and you will get more views on your videos if you post it directly into Facebook versus using Hootsuite or any other social media marketing tool.

That’s this business tip for this week. Thanks for checking me out. You can see this video, my blogs, podcast show on LyndsayPhillips.com. If you need any help with your video marketing, and importing your videos, importing them on your website or anything like that find out how we can help!

Until next week folks, have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.