How and Why To Use Annotations in YouTube


Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain Lyndsay Phillips, and I’m going to be talking about YouTube today.

I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube videos this week, not just for myself, but for my clients and adding some extra elements to it as well. I’m going to talk about annotations and show you how to add those and why. It just kind of adds an extra element to your video.

You can

  • create a call to action, or
  • get people to subscribe

I’m just going to dive in here and go check out one of my videos and share my screen.

The first thing you want to do is go to your YouTube channel and go to your video manager, so I’m going to edit this one here. I just go to edit and then click annotations.

Click annotation, so I’m going to do two on this one just for something to do here. Now, what you do want to do is avoid having a note in your intro. Let’s move forward here. I’m actually going to delete that and start over so that if you do start something, you saw that little trash symbol there, you can just delete it.

So you can add a note. You can see that it’s a little bit opaque. You kind of see it, so you put that obviously in a far away corner here. Let’s say, for instance, that I wanted to have people subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can kind of put whatever you want. Obviously change the size, make it white or black. You can kind of see it there. Just make sure, if you are typing a lot of words, that you move it in and out (resize the box) to make sure you have all the words showing. I mean, you can even make the background pink or whatever color you choose.

Then you would pick your start time. Again, you don’t want the notes or labels (or whatever annotation you’re using) to be during your intro. It’s too distracting. Let’s say I want this note to start at twenty-four seconds and then go all the way to the end.

Now, for this, you would do a link. You can link to a video. It’s kind of limiting on what you can do; playlist, channel, your profiles, subscribe, and a crowd funding project — then subscribe. Then, of course, you would enter in the URL for your channel. Then it opens up to another window. For now, I’m not going to have a link. YouTube will show you that label when it shows up, so I’m going to delete that for now.

The other one you can do is a label, so this is a little clearer. If I put my website url in here, then I’m going to make that bigger, make it white so it shows up a little bit better, and then have that down here at the bottom of the screen. Now, if you do have a logo on your video, just make sure it’s not fighting with it (i.e., overlapping links). Obviously blue is my color. Then you would pick the time and when you want that to start and end (I’m going to go three minutes and thirty-eight seconds).

Then you just save it, and then it’ll show up wherever it is that you put it. Here we go. Apply changes. Then if we go to the actual video and then skip to the end, you’ll see the label there. You can see that one did overlap with that little graphic, so that’s just kind of something to watch out for when you’re editing. I’ll change that afterwards. Pay attention to any of the branding, so you can have branding which is awesome. Then your label, so you can make note of any words that you want to pay attention to, lead them to any websites, or statements. Really, the options are endless. Then the note is just a little bit bigger, if you want to have that in your upwards corner.

It just kind of, again, adds an extra element to your video. The note, again, even the label, you can link it to your YouTube channel, a different video if you reference. Yeah, it’s just another way of adding some interactive elements to your videos. Have fun with that.

That’s that for this episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV.

Until next week, guys, have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.

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