How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Podcast

Sep 28, 2022

Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Podcast

How do you get your podcast out there and get more listeners? The first step is making sure you are distributing and promoting EVERYWHERE. And that includes LinkedIn! There are 380 million users on the platform so now is the time to optimize your profile and how you are promoting your podcast. Let me share my best tips! 

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I used to hate LinkedIn. I felt it was clunky and hard to navigate and just didn’t ‘get it’. Now – it’s my favorite platform. 


  • 830 million users are on the platform. 
  • You can truly connect with professionals that are on the platform to grow their business, connect, create partnerships and build relationships. 
  • It’s without the fluff and pomp and gimmicks which can be super distracting and take away from showing your expertise. 
  • Due to the popularity and growing results from podcasting LinkedIn itself has dove into the scene launching their LinkedIn Podcast Network

So let’s get into HOW you can use LinkedIn to showcase and promote your podcast.



1 – Does your banner image showcase your podcast or at the very least say that you are the host of….

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2 – Are you capitalizing on your profile name and headline?

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3 – You can now link to a resource or your podcast

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4 – Include your podcast in your profile description. You can share that you are a host of… or prompt them to search for your podcast name in their favorite directory for more tips about your area of expertise. 

5 – Add ‘Featured’ section to your profile to showcase your episodes.

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  1. Post when show goes live. Share the episode image, a teaser on why they’d want to listen (what’s in it for them) and of course the link. Don’t be afraid to share more than once AND even share again months later!
  2. Post quotes and tips from podcast. I call these snackable bites and it’s part of my Podcast Leverage System. You want to create consumable content sharing simple quotes or tips that can be gleaned from the episode. Create some beautiful graphics for them!
  3. Audiograms – create short audio clips sharing tips or quotes from the podcast. It’s consumable and if they listen and love the tip, they are more likely to want to listen to the whole episode. It’s a great teaser!
  4. Video clips – this brings similar results as an audiogram, but can be more engaging as viewers can see facial expressions and ‘see’ the conversation. Again it’s a consumable piece of content and they are more likely to listen to the whole episode if they found that video clip useful. AND what better way to create MORE content than by leveraging already what you have!
  5. Create articles (and newsletters) showcasing your podcast episodes. You can share call to actions, links to your site and the best part? People subscribe. So when you issue another episode (article of your newsletter) they’ll get notified. You’ll even get impression and view stats to guage results.

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