​​Anthony Jones on Using LinkedIn to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content

Dec 8, 2021

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Podcast And Authority 

LinkedIn Expert Anthony Jones helps people build their personal brand on LinkedIn. With almost two decades of experience in the digital marketing space – with Ducks Unlimited and now with his own company – he has been able to tap into LinkedIn to get, among other things, an impressive number of views on his content. Learn why you should focus on posting original content on LinkedIn, how you can get exposure and profile views in just a few minutes a day, and how to promote your podcast content on the platform.

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LinkedIn Content: an Untapped Opportunity

Anthony shared a mind-blowing stat: out of the 770 million LinkedIn users that leverage the platform on a weekly basis, only 3 million post content weekly. That’s less than 1% of users tapping into content.

These people and companies get an impressive 9 billion views on their content – every single week! 

LinkedIn isn’t as content saturated as other platforms (think of how limited your organic reach is on Facebook these days), which makes it a no-brainer in terms of content marketing.

Nailing Your LinkedIn Profile

There are different things to consider and do to make your content stand out on LinkedIn.

First and foremost, optimize your profile. As a podcaster, you can have a personal profile, a company or a podcast page – Anthony suggests focusing on your personal page for the fact that, typically, people connect more with other people than a brand or a company.

When it comes to your profile, don’t put emphasis on your position (e.g. founder, consultant, etc.) but focus on the solution you provide. Anthony’s headline, for instance, is ‘I help professionals build their personal brand on LinkedIn’.

Make sure to define a goal for your profile. Questions such as ‘How do I want to position myself?’ and ‘How do I want to be seen when someone looks at my LinkedIn profile?’ can help you with that.

How to Make Your Content More Visible on LinkedIn

Try to develop content pillars, categories you can speak to with authority. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all the content you share on LinkedIn should be about work.

Anthony’s content pillars are: 

  • content about him, 
  • content about Ducks Unlimited, 
  • content about hunting, conservation, 
  • LinkedIn tips. 

Add your unique twist to what you share (Anthony does that through humor).

As a podcaster, you may already have a library of content to leverage to create your pillars. 

Here’s a mistake you should avoid making: don’t post an entire episode and its link (links don’t perform well in terms of reach, as LinkedIn prefers native, original, content). Instead, upload a segment of the episode and include some text to provide some context and your point of view on what’s discussed in the snippet you are sharing. The advice you share has probably been shared by someone else before you but adding your insights and thoughts is what makes the content unique.

Overall, consider having a good mix of audio, video, textual, and photo posts.

And in case you are wondering about LinkedIn posts vs. LinkedIn articles, here’s something good to keep in mind. As Anthony explained, the organic reach of a LinkedIn article is quite low compared to that of a post.

However, while posts don’t get indexed by Google, articles do. This means that, potentially, you could have your LinkedIn articles rank high on Google.

Getting Views Through Your Newsfeed

How would you like to get more profile views and get exposure for what you do? 


Anthony suggests spending 15-20 minutes each day to go through your newsfeed to find content that resonates with you. Once you have found a piece of content that fits the bill, like it and leave a meaningful comment.

If you do that consistently, you are going to start to be seen as someone who contributes to the conversation and you are going to see more profile views, as well as an increase in connection requests you receive.

In case you don’t see any relevant content, you can use the Search feature to look for content that revolves around what you are interested in – you can apply various filters to your searches, including posts shared in the last 24 hours, and posts shared by either your 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree connections. And you can even follow hashtags too.

Remember, your LinkedIn newsfeed is only as good as your LinkedIn network.

Live Video on LinkedIn: Yay or Nay?

True, when it comes to live video LinkedIn has been a couple of steps behind compared to other social media platforms but things have finally changed.

LinkedIn Live has been around for several months now, and it initially was an invite-only feature. Even Anthony, who applied for it a couple of times, always got his access requests denied, until recently.

Now, however, the feature has been opened up to most users, so you should consider requesting access in case you haven’t already.

Anthony is thinking about how to make the most out of LinkedIn Live – he’s considering doing Live Q&As – but he does see live video as a powerful medium to leverage, since it helps you portray yourself more compared to other media.

Resources mentioned: 

Anthony’s upcoming LinkedIn course (it will be live in January but you can already pre-purchase access at a discounted price now)

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