Using Skype For A More Efficient Team

Jan 15, 2017

Hey everyone. Welcome to Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m going to share with you today how I use Skype with my team to be more efficient and less in the chaos in my inbox. Stay tuned.

Using Skype

Hey there. It’s Lyndsay Phillips, your host and captain for this video. I’m going to share how I use Skype and why for my team. I’m going to share my screen in a minute. With team members or whether they’re your team or your vendors or your clients, sometimes it’s easier to communicate off email. I use email for instructions or a long-winded email that has more links or images. If a team member or I have a really quick question or just need to send someone a link to something or password or whatever it may be, it’s just so much easier for me to do it Skype than it is for emails going back and forth. Also, it’s a lot quicker.

For those of you that use Gmail as your main server for all of your emails that come in you probably witness, as I do, that sometimes Gmail does lag. I mean my business partner lives in the same building as I do and I’ll send him an email and sometimes it takes 20 minutes, enough to drive you crazy, right? If you just have a quick question I find Skype super handy. I’m going to share my screen.

You can see here “Laura”… we just had a quick question back and forth. You can even use really cute emojis. There are some really fun ones to brighten up your day. Just type in a quick little message. You can even attach an image down at the bottom, a file, a video message, and then of course there’s the fun emojis. That makes things super easy and quick and I get a little “bloop” when someone Skypes me a message so I’m alerted.

Do know, of course, that if I’m really focused on the task, if I’m in a meeting then I actually change my status. You can put do not disturb, that you’re away, so that you are uninterrupted for certain periods of time. It’s not like people are Skyping me here, there and everywhere.

You can also share your screen. I’m going to dial Mark here. He’s going to be my guinea pig.


Mark: Hello?

Lyndsay: Howdy, howdy. I’m just showing people how to use Skype and do a screen share, so Mark you’re my little guinea pig here.

Mark: No problem.

Lyndsay: You just click that little plus button and then share screen, and then I hit start and then that way whoever you’re talking to can see what you’re doing on the screen and you can show them how to do something, especially something that’s visual. Bit of echo right now because I’m using Zoom and Skype at the same time. I can, of course, unclick that for a video. I can go way up here and put in a link to a URL that maybe we want to look at together, makes it super easy. Thanks Mark for being the guinea pig.

Mark: No worries.

Lyndsay: Ciao!

Mark: Bye.


Of course you can stop sharing and hang up. That is how I use Skype with my team to be super efficient and get things done faster. I should also point out that my phone number also comes in through Skype so you can have your own phone number that has any kind of prefix from any state so when anyone calls me it actually comes through Skype and I answer it. That is a really budget-friendly way of having a phone number as well. It works really well.

That is my great tip. Hope you can use it. If you need any other tips for your business on how to be productive you can go to I’ve got a great guide there for you. Of course, if you need to grow your business faster with less stress then go to and checkout out my services and how we can support you in your business.

Have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.