Using Zoom couldn’t be easier!

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips steering you through the choppy water of fast paced business growth.

One of the things that I do to grow my business is doing videos and my podcast show Sailing to Success Podcast. For both of these, I actually like using Zoom. It has video capabilities and strictly audio as well. Many of my clients are even doing their online live stream events and/or webinars, using Zoom.

I am going to turn the camera onto my computer and show you how easy it is to set up an event using Zoom. I can’t show you all of it because while I’m filming it won’t let me do some of the things, but I will do my best here to at least show you what I can.

Let me go to Zoom here. Basically it just Once you have an account and you log in, you would go to My Meetings. You can see here I have a couple of podcast interviews coming up. Then you go to Schedule a Meeting and you would just type in a topic.

Then pick a date and time, duration, time zone. Most of them are not recurring meetings so you don’t have to worry about that.

Do you need your host video “on” for the meeting?

Do you want to meet and greet them face-to-face? (always a great idea) You can have the participants have their faces right there as well. If you’re doing a meeting with your team members, sometimes it’s kind of nice to see them face-to-face. Even engaging with your audience and your community.

Audio, people can log in through a link on the web, so they can join via the web obviously. They can also join by telephone only and they just dial in. You’ve got a couple of options here. You can require a meeting password so you just type that in and set it. Therefore, when you send them the thank you email for registering for something you then give them the dial in information including the password. That way not just anybody can go in. More, I guess, it’s an exclusive type experience or maybe your members.

You can enable your people to join before the host, you can mute the participants upon entering and you can use your personal meeting ID that automatically comes with it or you can set different ID’s for each one. Honestly, it’s just easier to have your personal meeting ID.

Once you schedule, I’ll show you what happens. Of course you can add it to your calender. Now, here is what you’re going to send your people, whether they’ve registered for the online event, so this information would be a person, your thank you email and reminder emails, or you send this to your team members. Whoever you want to join, want them to be on your event or call, whatever you want to call it.

You would just copy and paste this from Zoom and just make sure that the links are properly hyper linked. You can see here that’s the link that they would join on the web. They even have the iPhone one tap and so forth. Then there’s the dial in information that they would use and then of course they have to punch in a meeting ID. You just copy and paste this, send to whoever that you want that’s it.

Let’s step back a second and go back into my meetings. Here’s that one that I set up. Now, it says join because of course I’m already conducting a Zoom event at the moment but generally speaking you would just click start and it pops open. Then there’s a button that says start recording/stop recording. There’s a button that allows you to show your face. There’s a button that of course allows you to share your screen just like I’m doing now.

Then you would end the Zoom meeting and it loads up onto your hard drive and then you can you know, put that up to YouTube. You can share it via DropBox. There is a pro version where it actually saves it to the cloud. If you would then go to My Recordings and it would just have share link. Just like InstantTeleseminar has that little share link when you want to share those replays. You could then share the replay that way as well.

As you can see it’s super easy. I use it all the time and everyone and all of my clients that I know use it just say how easy it is. I highly recommend it.

That is it for this week guys. I appreciate you watching my videos and listening in. Of course you can get tons more tips and check out my blogs and podcasts at and find out more about how I can help your business grow through my VA Team, whether it’s my Rescue Boat Services, my Sail Boat Services or Yacht Services, so check that out at

Until next time folks, have a productive and profitable week, and may the winds always be at your back.