Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing is a powerful form of content marketing and is becoming the TOP strategy when it comes to showcasing your expertise, creating engagement and building trust and relationships online. Here is how we can help with our video marketing services:

Build Your YouTube Channel: Not only can we create it but we know how to build it and optimize it to focus on your customer avatar, their needs and your sales goals.

Create Your Custom YouTube Description: We create your custom description for your videos to optimize the video, showcase what you offer to convert more leads. 

Publish & Optimize: We publish your videos so that they are optimized for YouTube Search Engines. Their rankings are separate from Google, which include title, description, playlist choice and tags. 

Publish On Your Site: Depending on your goals, you may wish to publish your videos and embed them on your website to increase traffic to your site and have more content available to your website viewers. We publish it while optimizing it for Google’s SEO.

Promote: We promote your videos in a way that is customized based on your goals. Whether your goals are website traffic, video views, YouTube subscribers, we share either the YouTube video, your webpage or upload the video direct. 

Plan, Schedule & Promote Live Facebook Events: You can’t ignore the power of Live Facebook Events. We help plan, schedule and promote your events to get more exposure, ensure branding is consistent and your message is heard!

Strategize Your Content & Call to Actions: We’ll help plan your content and map out your call to actions so that it is incorporated strategically into your overall content marketing strategy and sales goals. 

Analyse: We look at your YouTube analytics and social media insights to see what videos are getting the most traction, what traffic it’s bringing to your site and more. Once you know what’s working and not working, you can then course correct and meet your goals faster!

Ask us how we can plan, publish, optimize and promote your videos to build more trust, stronger relationships, increase exposure and attract and acquire customers faster!

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