What are Virtual Assistants Anyway?

What are Virtual Assistants Anyway?

What are Virtual Assistants Anyway?

So many entrepreneurs are using virtual assistants or a virtual office assistant.

What are they? A VA (for short) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Do you often wonder WHY someone hires a VA, what the benefits are, and if it’s right for you? Then read away….

The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

 Some of the benefits of hiring virtual assistants (vs having staff in your office) for various tasks are (which is not all inclusive).

  1. Easy payroll! VA’s are contracted so you don’t need to pay out employee benefits, have them on payroll, pay taxes and other deductions.
  2. Typically no real training required – the VA already knows how to carry out most administrative, online, social media and marketing tasks. What a time saver!
  3. Flexibility – they are on call for when you need things done.
  4. Easy on the budget: They only do the work you hire them to do. Some also work for retainers or packages so you can budget a monthly fee. You don’t necessarily have to commit to 20 hrs a week (as an example)
  5. Save you time: This is the biggy – a VA takes on tasks you don’t have time for (so you can grow your business, do more revenue generating tasks or have more freedom).
  6. They are in YOUR court: Most VA’s are interested in growing THEIR business so they are eager to please and offer great service – more dedicated to quality of work.
  7. They are online – thus don’t work in YOUR office. Many entrepreneurs have a home office, and don’t want (or have the room for) someone else in their office space.
  8. No learning curve needed: This saves you time (and aggravation) so you don’t have to figure out how to do social media, to create an email blast etc. VA’s specialize in online marketing – so they take care of it all for you.
  9. Understand your needs: A VA is also an entrepreneur and understands your needs.
  10. Did I mention they free up A LOT of your time?? Let a VA co-ordinate the moving parts, manage projects, do the tasks you don’t like to do, and generally get more done!

If you are a small business, entrepreneur and feel overwhelmed, have too much on your plate – have tons of things you’d like to do to GROW your business – working with virtual assistants or online business managers is what will help get you there! Check out Upwork to find virtual assistants you can work with for your business.

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