Webinar & Podcast Strategies – The Ultimate Tag Team For Success

Feb 28, 2024

Webinar & Podcast Strategies

Alright, podcasters – you are in this to tap into other people’s audiences and get more leads & clients right? Have you thought of launching a webinar? I know I have!  I chat with the Leadsology Guru himself, Tom Poland,  to share how to create a webinar that sells, tips and tricks and how to leverage other people’s networks to boost results.

I love how he uses networking and partnerships in a way that creates genuine connections. Speaking of connections, he also shares how to gain the audience’s trust and make offers they’ll want to grab. 

  • Tom’s method for simplifying complex marketing concepts into clear and actionable insights, improving your strategic thinking.
  • Elements of an effective webinar that will increase conversion rates
  • How to expand your webinar audience through strategic networking and collaborations, 
  • How podcasting will help you to build relationships with influencers and potential partners (and collaboration opportunities)
  • How to align with the right audience and connect with individuals in a way that generates leads and drives business growth.


[00:00:00] – Intro

[00:02:25] – Tom’s logical and systematic approach to marketing.

[00:03:44] – How to select the right marketing strategy.

[00:04:54] – The role of lead magnets in attracting customers.

[00:05:04] – Benefits of using webinars in content marketing.

[00:09:13] – Crafting effective webinar content and formulas.

[00:13:26] – Strategies for making offers during webinars.

[00:17:01] – Comparing live and on-demand webinars.

[00:20:32] – Using networking to build a webinar audience.

[00:22:55] – Using podcasts for networking and partnerships.

[00:23:34] – Choosing the right guests for podcasting.

[00:25:38] – Importance of aligning with marketing partners

The Evolution of Marketing Wisdom

Tom’s journey through the marketing landscape is chronicled in his books, which are a testament to his evolving philosophy on the subject. He has mastered the art of distilling complex marketing concepts into logical, succinct advice that resonates with readers and clients alike. His systematic, step-by-step approach simplifies the process, ensuring that each phase of your marketing strategy is seamless and effective.


The Four Pillars of Webinar Success

During our conversation, Tom highlighted the critical elements of rapport, respect, relatability, and reciprocity in webinars. These four pillars are the foundation of a successful webinar experience, akin to a first date where the audience gets a glimpse of the presenter’s style and substance. It’s this connection that makes people more inclined to engage with your content and, ultimately, invest in your offerings.


Crafting the Perfect Webinar: A Formula for Engagement

When it comes to the content and structure of webinars, Tom shared his persuasion sequence, an eight-step formula designed to captivate and convert your audience. The key components of a successful webinar include a compelling title, clear positioning, and a promise that hooks your audience from the start. This strategic approach ensures that your webinar delivers value and drives action.

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The Art of the Offer: Why Consultation Calls Trump Low-Ticket Items

Tom advises against the common practice of starting with low-ticket offers in webinars. Instead, he champions the consultation call, a strategy that not only leads to more sales but also allows prospects to determine if your service is the right fit for them. This personalized approach fosters trust and lays the groundwork for a lasting client relationship.


Live, On-Demand, or Hybrid: Navigating Webinar Formats

For those wondering about the best format for their webinars, Tom recommends beginning with live sessions. Once you’ve honed your live webinar skills and achieved success, you can transition to on-demand webinars. He also suggests exploring hybrid formats that combine the immediacy of live presentations with the convenience of on-demand access.


Building an Audience: The Power of Networking and Collaboration

Tom and I discussed the importance of leveraging your network and collaborating with others to expand your webinar audience. Effective marketing is about finding people who are eager to buy what you’re offering, and strategic partnerships can amplify your reach and impact.

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Beyond Hard Sales: The Philosophy of Genuine Connections

Tom’s approach to sales and marketing is refreshingly ethical. He eschews manipulative tactics in favor of building genuine connections based on mutual respect and benefit. This philosophy not only leads to sustainable success but also aligns with the karmic principle of reciprocity.


Podcasting as a Networking Tool

Tom underscored the significance of podcasting as a platform for forging relationships with influencers and potential partners. By featuring guests with influential networks, you can establish a psychological connection characterized by love, respect, rapport, and relatability. This connection paves the way for proposing collaborations that are mutually advantageous.


Strategic Alignment: The Key to Effective Partnerships

The conversation with Tom also touched on the importance of aligning with the right audience and connecting with individuals who can assist in lead generation for webinars. Strategic alignment with partners who share your market focus is crucial for creating partnerships that are both genuine and productive.


About Tom

Tom Poland is a multiple best-selling marketing author and has clients in 151 cities around the world. He works just three days a week in seclusion from his private resort on the sub-tropical Sunshine Coast of Australia.


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