15 Minutes of Website Maintenance That Can Save You Thousands

Hi, welcome to another great episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV where we’re going to chat a bit about website maintenance. I’m your host Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Online Support. Steering you through the choppy waters of fast paced business growth. Today I want to give you a business tip on how 15 minutes of website maintenance can save you thousands of dollars. Yes, I’m in my kitchen. I just finished tidying up after the kids went to school on the bus. Yeah, my morning routine is cleaning up the chaos from the breakfast. So 15 minutes, I’m done, off to work I go. Now 15 minutes of website maintenance for you though, can make you a lot more productive.

Website Maintenance – Contact Forms

Website Maintenance contact for

15 Minutes of Website Maintenance That Can Save You Thousands

I’m going to tell a little story first, just to illustrate my point. I’ve been looking for a book keeper, and someone to do my accounting. Went online, found a couple of really reputable companies, filled out the contact form, and then deleted them. I didn’t write down their names or anything, and I never heard back. Now I have to start from scratch, but there is some business that they totally lost. I was also looking for a yoga company in town, and that which I have started, but I filled out their contact form, never heard back. I actually found their email, emailed them, never heard back. I did eventually find them, but my point here is testing. Are your contact forms working? Is your emails accurate on your website? Imagine all the leads, all the business, and all the money that you could lose if they’re not working.

One good practice is to, 15 minutes every month, go through all of your opt ins, all of your landing pages, making sure they’re working, making sure that your contact form gives you the right notification, and that your email address on there is accurately and test it. It is so well worth it. With plug ins changing, and updates, and WordPress updates, quite often technology will take a dive, and stop connecting for you. There’s a great tip today, so 15 minutes of testing your contact forms can save you thousands of dollars. Hopefully that business tip was great for you. Check out this video, and some more, and blogs, and my podcast show on SmoothBusinessGrowth.com, and the name will be at the bottom of this video here. That’s another great episode, and yeah, have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.

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