What Is Triberr And How To Get Started

what is triberrWhat is Triberr?

For any business with a blog or any blogger wanting to expand their audience, Triberr offers some very interesting potential. This is a site that is designed to promote blogs, increase readership and boost followers as well as potential revenue.

The Basics

Triberr is, at its heart, a blogging group or network. Bloggers tend to have focus areas for their blogs, which can range from social and political to blogging about specific industries and products.

Bloggers connect through Triberr to form “tribes”. These are people who are all blogging about the same or similar topics. The tribe is there to work together, which each blogger promoting the others in the tribe and getting the same in return. Many top bloggers attribute their success to Triberr (seen here).

Whenever a member of that specific tribe or topic area group of bloggers posts a blog, everyone else in the tribe will read the blog, comment and distribute it through their social network and followers. In this way, everyone acts as a promotional outlet for each other. However, each tribe member will be able to make the decision to share or not to share the blog.

This not only increases each blogger’s exposure to a wider target audience, but it also provides a constant source of traffic to the various blogs. For a business, this is essential as it continues to push your website up the organic search engine rankings.

Additionally, and this is key, you can easily reblog content that you think would be appreciated by your followers.Tweet: With @Triberr you can easily reblog content you think would be appreciated by your followers http://ctt.ec/0c806+ This is done with a simple single click with the original author getting full credit and a link and your readers getting top quality articles without any writing needed on your part.

Added Benefits

Besides increasing the potential viewers to your blogs, there are some additional benefits to Triberr that are well worth considering. First, and this does make a difference for a business, the sharing is not done automatically through the system.

This means that your blogger or website manager will be able to review and choose which posts of other members of the tribe to promote. This prevents any possible issues with posts that may have content that expresses opinions or promotes products that are not appropriate for your target audience or in keeping with your business philosophy.

There are a few tips to get started with Triberr and have your posts reblogged and shared consistently:

  • Write for content – Triberr tends to favor well-written, insightful blogs that contain helpful, relevant and meaningful content.Tweet: .@Triberr favours well-written, insightful blogs with helpful/relevant/ meaningful content. http://ctt.ec/sc9Um+ This is a not a “fluff” type of content site.
  • Choose tribes wisely – since your tribe decides what to reblog, comment on and share, being in the right tribe for your focus area is important. It is a selective tribe choice that will be most effective, not the approach of joining a bunch of different tribes.
  • Be active – to be a good tribe member it is important to read and comment on other tribe member’s work as well as on their Triberr post. This is work, but it is the reciprocation that occurs that will help you become a recognized member of the tribe.

If you haven’t tried Triberr yet, it is worth your time to join. It is free and there are analytics available through the system to help you to see the benefits to your business.Tweet: .@Triberr is free to join & has analytics available to suit your #biz needs - http://ctt.ec/dGUZw+

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