Creating Wow Service With Brigham Dickinson

Jul 23, 2019


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Creating Wow Service!

Whether we sell products or services, have 10 clients or thousands, we all need to give WOW service to keep and grow our client base. Brigham Dickinson, author of Pattern For Excellence, Engage your team to WOW More Customers, and president of Power Selling Pro’s is going to share HOW to create WOW service for your business.

  • We’ve all heard how Customer Service is important but how are experiences out there still so bad?
  • Why are we letting it slide?
  • How do you describe WOW service and how does it impact your business?
  • What is the model Pattern for Excellence?
  • Can you share the 8 principles?
  • How do we teach our staff so it’s an integral part of day to day business?
  • You have Power Chat product – can you share what that is and how we can incorporate chat into our business to help foster wow service?

Brigham Dickinson is president of Power Selling Pros and founder of the Power Certification Program, a call handling training program that holds teams accountable for booking calls and creating WOW Experiences over the phone.

Brigham started Power Selling Pros when he saw that call handlers needed assistance consistently converting calls to bookings back in 09. As a result, Brigham answered the need and created Power Certification to effect change in our Industry’s call centers in the U.S. Canada and Australia.

This program guarantees that contractor call-handling teams will book at least 85% of their calls and WOW more customers. We hold your team accountable with a combination of online training, call- monitoring, regular one-on-one phone-based coaching, and in-person training–all supported by our vast library of pre-recorded calls that showcase best practices.

The purpose of the Power Certification Program is to partner with contractors and certify their CSRs to deliver a world-class customer experience.